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12 Essential Holiday Travel Tips

Posted by Alex Messenger

12 Essential Holiday Travel Tips

There’s a lot going on. The temps are dropping, climbing, dropping, you’re tracking a bunch of packages all at once, packing your bags and figuring out how to get the whole family from here to Grandmother’s house. It all gets a little hectic when you’re traveling during the holidays.That’s why we’ve put together our...

Holiday Travel Survival Guide:

Read on for heard-earned lessons from your traveling friends at Frost River, and our top tips for holiday vagabonding.

1. Give yourself extra time - The holidays are stressful enough. Don't add to it by waiting until the last minute if you don't have to. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but you can start with the little things. Get your gifts lined up. Get to the airport early. Get your family road trip going with plenty of extra time to deal with weather and traffic conditions. You'll be able to be safe and take your time, take more breaks, react to changes and make those extra super-sized bathroom breaks.

2. Check the Weather before your trip - Snow, rain, sleet, high winds, bright sunshine, they all play a part in how you get somewhere, be it a positive or negative one. Take a look at what to expect and plan around it. Inclement weather + Lots of people trying to travel = increased travel time, hazards and headache. Plan for what you'll be getting into.

flight-bag-low-res-high-color3. Use Carryon Luggage - This is always a handy tip, but when there are LOTS of people traveling, it becomes even more so. During the season of flight cancellations and reroutes, overbookings and narrow connections, having a bag that you carry with you can make the difference between getting there with all your stuff and borrowing Grandma's footed PJs until your bag arrives. Our soft-sided designs excel at fitting in darn-near anywhere, including the overhead kleenex-box-sized-bins on the regional planes if you pack it right. Here are some more tips for traveling with Carryon Luggage.

No. 652 Flight Bag by Frost River is airline carry on compliant.

4. Pack by the rules - This is a followup to the previous tip for carryons. Check your airline's luggage restrictions before you start packing. There are often rules for how big and how heavy your personal item (the smaller item under the seat in front of you) your Carryon Luggage (the larger items that should go in the overhead bins like our Flight Bags, Explorers or those goofy wheely things some people roll around the airport) and your Checked Baggage (for in the hold of the plane). Be sure to pack within the guidelines to avoid have to repack at the front of the ticketing line or have your gear

5. Plan out your personal item - That smaller item under the seat in front of you is the best place to put your books, iPad, snacks, sleeping stuff and all the things you're going to want during the flight. Plan accordingly. If you're reading War and Peace, just bring that, some water and your sleep stuff...You'll be nodding off soon. Check out our Zippy Totes, Voyageur Backpack Brief, or smaller items like our Shell Bags or Skyline Rolldown Satchel for some great personal items. Accessory Bags make great organizers for your personal item.

The Frost River Voyageur Backpack Crossovers are equally at home on a back or over a shoulder and fit in the great outdoors and the wood paneled walls of the boardroom.

6. Bring Your Travel Tools - A journal, a good book, a phone (with extra battery), magazine, year-end reports, chargers, and ear plugs all go a long way toward making a trip that much smoother. Check out our Leather Journal or Leather Pocket Folio for some classic journaling accessories.

7. Organize - It can be frustrating looking for those spare keys, that little notebook, the checkbook, your passport, boarding tickets, chargers. There are so many little things to lose or misplace these days. Make it a bit easier by adding some organization to your life. Our Travel Accessories are a great start, so are our Satchels and Purses. Accessory Bags fit in with anything and hold more than you'd expect.

The inside of the Leather Pocket Folio showing cards and limited edition Minnesota Field Notes Notebook in Red. The Frost River Leather Pocket Folio is built to last from premium full grain leather to hold a notebook, cards and more.

8. Double-check your documents - This is critical for air travel, and important for other travel means as well. Make sure you have your proper identification like driver's license or passport for air travel, and if you're taking young ones along, extra double-check you've got their docs, too. Also make sure you have your boarding passes figured out (paper, digital, print at the airport). Again, check the fine print, some airlines make you pay extra to have boarding passes printed at the airport. Our Leather Pocket Folio hauls a notebook, as well as a passport, with style.

9. Get on the Same Page - Communicate with your family and friends that you're traveling with to make sure everyone understands when and how they're getting where. Communicate with the folks at your destination, too. It's a bit awkward showing up early or showing up late. Get on the same page for when you'll be arriving and if you need to bring anything (other than fruitcake, that's a given). For extra points, bring along our Bottle Tote with your favorite beverage (if you're flying, buy the bottle once you're there).

Flight Bags. Simple, classic waxed canvas and leather luggage and carryon bags made by Frost River in Duluth, MN, USA (Nos. 650 651 652 653).

10. Pack Light - It's easy to end up bringing more than you need when traveling. A good guideline is to take your gear that you've got ready for your trip and leave half of the clothes at home. At the same time, double the budget you have allotted to the trip. Some extra cash can come in handy when you've got your car up on a jack in some backwoods town. Our Flight Bags keep things simple and let you pack a little, or a lot.

11. Stay Healthy - Keep yourself well-hydrated and bring along some portable comfort items like teas, vitamin drink mixes and-the-like in a kit with you. Be sure to pack an emergency med kit with all your prescription and OTC meds like Ibuprofen & Beano. An Accessory Bag works great to keep 'em together (and out of sight).

12. Don't sweat the small stuff - The Holidays are about coming together and remembering what's important in life: friends, family and experiences. Don't worry about things that you can't change, and remember that that one Christmas you had to wear your Grandma's footed pajamas will make for a great story down the line.