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14 New Designs for 2014

The Frost River Design team is at it again…. 13 last year, 14 this year– all fresh, newly designed offerings. We are uniquely able to design and market new products and update old ones because we make all the Frost River softgoods right here in Duluth. Everyone working in the same shop enables us to build new stuff from start to finish with an agility that other manufacturers could only dream of. We don’t need to coordinate with overseas contractors to have our packs and bags made…. we make them all here. For us there’s no ordering of minimums, or looking to seasons in advance. There are costs involved, and we do need to choose wisely, but we have a lot of freedom and use it to innovate and keep the Frost River brand fresh and moving forward.

What’s New this year?

First was the “Curtis Flight Bag

First of 14 new designs for 2014 from Frost River
First of 14 new designs for 2014 from Frost River

We updated the utility of our current Flight bag in the two most popular sizes, CarryOn and Medium, by adding side pockets. One is zippered, the other is open topped and divided down the center. We think it’s a great addition to a great bag. 




A beverage could use a little insulation and some attachment points when traveling in the wilderness. (B.W.C.A. – Boundary Waters Canoe Area… but there are other applicable acronyms possible as well!)


Next up is the “BWCA Insulator

Sized to fit a standard 1L Nalgene bottle (we recommend using ours) there are several connection points to attach the insulator to a pack, bag, or shoulder strap (again ours work great). Foam padding, waxed canvas, quality leather, solid brass, and quality web combine in a reliable bottle carrier that’s made in Duluth freshly designed in 2014.




The Third new design of 2014 is the “Saganaga Travel Satchel“.

Woods ready yet professionally refined-- this satchel is up for accompanying you wherever you choose to roam.

A shoulder bag that’s in its element woods roaming or going to and from the office. Interior compartments offer organization, there’s a zipper at the back that allows storage up into the main flap as well as at the back of the sack. The long shoulder strap allows most to carry across the chest. 


The Padded Sleeve works great to protect a laptop in a Frost River Arrowhead Rolltop pack.
The Padded Sleeve works great to protect a laptop in a Frost River Arrowhead Rolltop pack.

The Padded Sleeve is the fourth of ’14, it offers padded protection in your bag.

A simple “Padded Sleeve” to offer protection when carrying delicate items in a pack or bag. They work great when used to carry a laptop in a daypack that has no padding provided. This new design allows any pack or bag to become a computer bag. They’ll work great in luggage, totes, packs…. even shoulder bags if there’s enough space. Universal appeal and streamlined protection- truly reliable softgoods.



That brings us to the last week in January 2014. We’ll roll out new designs every Tuesday until we hit 14, which will bring us into late spring. Keep an eye out in your inbox for newsletter updates (be sure you’re signed up for the newsletters). We post all the new designs in the “What’s New” tab on the website as well. Check ’em out!