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Christmas City of the North Parade

Wine Bottle Bandoleer

The Frost River Crew recently had the pleasure and honor of taking part in the annual tradition of the Christmas City of the North Parade.  Running through Canal Park and along downtown Duluth’s Superior Street it is the official start to the holiday season in Duluth.  This Year’s parade was on November 16th.  We had the Frost River cruiser complete with canoe and reindeer (Henry the Caribou Mascot) pulling a trailer with a two person campfire tent complete with Christmas lights and hay bales.  

It was a beautiful fall evening weather wise and a good time was had by all the Frost River Crew in attendance.   Check out our facebook page for more photos…

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Our shop

Our shop at the Frost River Trading Co. in Duluth Minnesota is ….visible.  A stop into the store gives you a view into the workshop.  You can see real work being done (most of the time).  The leather shop is in the back of the store and the sewing, cutting, finishing are all done upstairs.  During most weekdays there is all sorts of evidence that you have stepped into a real manufacturing facility.  There are the sounds of sewing machines, the Ka-Chunk of the machine rivets being set, and all sorts of activity all around the inside of the building.