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Mesabi Range Daypack

A Dozen New Designs of 2012— 

As a look back at the past year we would like to highlight twelve new designs to come out of the Frost River workshop.

The Mesabi Range Daypack could be described as a packbrief… that is a briefcase worn as a pack.  A sleeve that can be used for carrying a laptop rides against the back, internal dividers face the inside of the pack body.  New this year, we began building some daypacks with slim, all-leather backstraps like on the Mesabi.  They are attached with hand pounded harness rivets.  This refined pack hearkens to more rugged pursuits involving canoes and wilderness.  So if you’re stuck commuting in town, we figure you may as well carry a pack that offers something to daydream about. $140.

The Mesabi Range Daypack is an easy carrying, mid size pack that can fit in no matter where you choose to adventure.

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Tregurtha Canoe Pack

A Dozen New Designs of 2012–

As a look back at the past year we would like to highlight twelve new designs to come out of the Frost River workshop. 

The Tregurtha Canoe Pack is the largest pack in the Frost River line.  It is named after the largest “Laker” in the Great Lakes shipping fleet.  Both the Canoe Pack and the “thousand footer” Iron Ore boat can carry a lot of cargo.  The ship is propelled by diesel engines; the Canoe Pack relies on human propulsion.   Be careful what you pack in the 9,000+ cubic inches of capacity, this pack could get dangerously heavy for bipedal use.  Don’t be scared, just be warned.  $290 

The Tregurtha Canoe is a new design from Frost River. Over 9000 c.i. capacity, it is not a pack for the faint of heart.



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A Dozen New Designs of 2012

Dog Dish

We’ve had a busy year at the Frost River shop.  Hard work in 2012 has moved Frost River’s reliable softgoods forward in several ways.  One of the most obvious and out front renovations is the new website.  The updated site helps us present our packs and bags in a way that allows us much greater control in how we interact with customers and people interested in what we do here in Duluth Minnesota.  What else is new for 20012?  We have been busy designing and building new packs and bags all year.  Over the next 12 days please follow us as we celebrate a dozen new designs of 2012.


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A Canoe is Being Born….

The Frost River Trading Company is hosting the birth of a canoe.

 A  canoe skeleton arrived at our front door recently.  Canoe builder Alex Comb from Stewart River Boatworks brought the heavy form with ribs attached from his shop near Two Harbors to our store on West Superior Street.  

Stewart River Boatworks canoe on the form

The form is for a “Traveler” style canoe from Stewart River Boatworks. A Traveler canoe is a long solo canoe that will work for extended solo trips.

Northern White Cedar planking

Alex is currently adding the planking on the hull.  This is where he left off last weekend.  He plans to return December 14th & 15th.  Stop in and say hi to the canoe builder at our shop.  We usually have a pot of coffee on and a plate of cookies on the weekends.