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14 New Designs in 2014… gone to the dogs.

Our 5th of 14 New Designs for 2014 goes out to four legged friends. 

dog-vest-orange-outsideThe Frost River Dog Vest is made from our lightweight 10.10 oz waxed canvas, you get the choice of Orange or Field Tan.

They’re lined with canton flannel insulation. The nylon straps are secured with hook and loop and side release buckles. We weren’t super excited to use the synthetic materials but it was necessary. That’s what it took to make sure the thing worked.

Dog Vests on the cutting table at the Frost River shop.
Dog Vests on the cutting table at the Frost River shop.




The Dog Vests are designed for medium sized athletic (fairly lean) dogs. There’s a lot of adjustment built into them, we tried to make it as much of a universal fit as possible. Our cooperative model dog “Carmel” is 55lbs and the vest fit her great. 

Dog-vest-orangeShe was right in the middle of the adjustment range for both straps, the vest goes on quick and is simple to adjust.





Dog-Vest-DogThe Dog Vests are available on our website and at our store in Duluth. Carmel and our patient test dogs didn’t mind wearing the vests and once adjusted correctly, the vests stayed where they belong. If you and your dog get the chance to try one out… post a photo on our facebook page, we’d love to see how they work out for you!