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Warranty and Repair Work

Frost River Canoe packs in their natural environment
Frost River Canoe Packs. Reliable Softgoods… guaranteed.


We guarantee our packs, bags and luggage against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your bag. Our products will most likely be in your family for years to come, and we’ll be here to service them. A significant advantage to canvas construction is that it is intended to be repairable. We will repair bags damaged by accidents or normal wear and tear at a reasonable rate (plus shipping). If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase and it is still new and unused, please return the merchandise for exchange or refund.”

We do what we say and we stand behind what we do. If a bag isn’t put together the way it was supposed to be built, we’ll make it right. If a piece of our hardware fails before its time, without being misused or abused, we’ll replace it… No Charge. We choose the best raw materials available to build our reliable softgoods. We put them together the best way we know how. We don’t build junk.

That being stated… we work with canvas, brass, and leather– NOT steel, kevlar, or the stuff Superman uses to make his tights. The materials we use are durable, the design and construction are thought out and built right– but they are not going last forever. Use a bag hard, it will eventually wear out. Mistreat a pack, like not letting it dry after a wet trip, it’ll break down, rot and not last. Repeated abrasion over the same area will wear a hole. But one of the great things about canvas construction over synthetic is that canvas is repairable. When a pack has been cared for and the canvas is still solid, we can take take it apart, patch it and get it back into service, working for you.

However… Some bags will not be repairable. Eventually, everything will wear out. At that point you’ll need to start making memories with another bag. The good news is that when it’s time to make that final portage back into the earth, Frost River’s reliable softgoods will go quietly, as all plant and animal matter does…. naturally. The same cannot be said for synthetic materials…. Nylon will sit in a landfill for years and years.

We work in a small, busy shop. While we turn repairs quickly, we don’t currently have a dedicated repair department, the people who fix bags also have other manufacturing duties and responsibilities. We’ll get your repair completed in a timely manner, but please allow us time to work on it.

What to do before you send in/drop off a bag for repair?

This is not what we like to see... Please clean your bag before sending it in for repair.
This is not what we like to see… Please clean your bag before sending it in for repair.

-Empty it out. We don’t want any of your stuff in the bag.

-Clean it. Turn it upside down and shake it/brush it out. We can’t repair a bag with chunks of stuff still in it. You take a shower before going to the doctor… right?

-Let us know what you want done. Tell us what’s broke and what you’d like done. (Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised)

-Give us a little history. How long have you had the bag? How do you use it? How long has it been broke?

-Include your contact information. Let us know how to reach you and where you want the bag sent when it’s repaired.

-If you broke it, sliced it, or wore it out, expect to pay for the repair. We’re nice and we work hard to keep canvas packs out in the world, but repairs take time and cost money. Help us out please?

All jobs are subject to inspection and assessment by our repair team. We will work hard to keep your canvas softgoods in working order and get them back to you as soon as possible. We just ask to please be considerate and patient. Clean your stuff up before you send it in… don’t make us clean it for you. And be good to your bags, take care of them– we’ll stand behind them, but you need to do your part, taking care of your gear, as well.