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14 New Designs in 2014… gone to the dogs.

Our 5th of 14 New Designs for 2014 goes out to four legged friends. 

dog-vest-orange-outsideThe Frost River Dog Vest is made from our lightweight 10.10 oz waxed canvas, you get the choice of Orange or Field Tan.

They’re lined with canton flannel insulation. The nylon straps are secured with hook and loop and side release buckles. We weren’t super excited to use the synthetic materials but it was necessary. That’s what it took to make sure the thing worked.

Dog Vests on the cutting table at the Frost River shop.
Dog Vests on the cutting table at the Frost River shop.




The Dog Vests are designed for medium sized athletic (fairly lean) dogs. There’s a lot of adjustment built into them, we tried to make it as much of a universal fit as possible. Our cooperative model dog “Carmel” is 55lbs and the vest fit her great. 

Dog-vest-orangeShe was right in the middle of the adjustment range for both straps, the vest goes on quick and is simple to adjust.





Dog-Vest-DogThe Dog Vests are available on our website and at our store in Duluth. Carmel and our patient test dogs didn’t mind wearing the vests and once adjusted correctly, the vests stayed where they belong. If you and your dog get the chance to try one out… post a photo on our facebook page, we’d love to see how they work out for you!

Dog Vest

Dog Vest

A vest for your dog that will insulate and protect with waxed canvas and flannel lining.

Hook and loop strips along with side release buckles keep the vest where it belongs. Waxed canvas offers shelter no matter the weather. One adjustable size to fit mid-size active dogs, the vests are available in Field Tan or orange. Made at Frost River… give a best friend some reliable softgoods.

The black and white dog in the photos is 55 lbs, the vest fit her with adjustment room to spare on either side.

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Dog Collar/Leash

Fly Rod Case

We are happy to offer a line of Dog Collar / Pet Leashes for our second of thirteen new designs for 2013.

We use a bunch of leather on our packs and bags.  It comes from the best American producers, and makes great collars and leashes.  Most of our leather comes from the tannery in Red Wing Minnesota that supplies Red Wing shoes with their boot leather.  It is great stuff.  Occasionally we get a request to make a collar for a dog, usually the answer is no problem, there are several dogs who visit the Frost River shop who wear custom built collars.  Duffer, Tico, Jack, and Pete all seem happy with their neckwear and some of their collars are as old as three years.  The harness leather is the same grade that we use on the backstraps of our canoe packs, it is heavy but pliable– robust and lithe.  It works great for backstraps and shoulder straps, it also works good for pet collars and leashes.  We cut the leashes to minimize flex in the grain and maximize strength and durability.  All of the hardware is solid brass, there is no plating to be worn off.  The rivets are strong and reliable.  The logo is burned into the leather. We are making three sizes for the collars.  The 13″ collar is 3/4′” wide and fits dogs with necks from 10″ to 16″.  The 16″ fits necks from 13″ to 19″ and is 1″ wide.  The 19″ collar is also a inch wide and works on necks from 16″ to 22″.  Measure your dog with a flexible measuring tape and measure for the narrowest part of their neck.  If you need some other size, give us a call, we can work something out for a custom collar.  There is something special about the feel of a leather leash, it can add an element of substance and nostalgia to having to take “Fluffer the wonder dog” out for a walk at 4 a.m… at least you get to use that great leash.

Pete pulls hard on a walk. He is part of the testing crew for our new 1″ leather leash. It has passed inspection. Connections are sewn and riveted

Dog Leash

Dog Leash

Add some class and reliability to routine walks with your pet. Available in two styles. The same harness leather we use for pack straps also makes a great leash! Same with the cotton web, reliable on packs, dependable for a leash. The wide loop at the human end provides purchase during energetic walks, a solid brass snap is sewn and riveted at the dog end to hold on for years. We also offer matching collars. Made at Frost River in Duluth Minnesota.

Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Our Dog Collars are cut from the same dark brown harness leather that we use for the backstraps on our canoe packs…. it’s the good stuff.  The hardware is solid brass, it will hold up for years and keep looking good the whole time, and won’t absorb pet odors. Invest in quality for a best friend.

Sizing: Use a flexible tape measure to measure your dog’s neck. Small collar is 3/4″ wide and fits necks from 8″-15″. Medium collar is 1″ wide and fits necks from 11″-19″. Large collar is 1″ wide and fits necks from 16″-22″.


Two Dog Stove

Two Dog Stove

One way to make our campfire tents even better is to add a stove.

A woodstove in the tent can make camping in the winter downright habitable. The steel Two Dog stove is not a lightweight but it is reliable. The folks at Four Dog Stove Company here in Minnesota have been making stoves and camping gear for years, they pride themselves on crafting some of the best stuff around.  Two of the secrets to this stove’s success is an internal baffle and an airtight door. The baffle makes the stove more efficient and safer for use in a tent because heat and sparks are better contained. It also makes it better to cook on. The airtight door makes better use of fuel and also improves safety. Included are the stove, four 9″ legs, five 16″ sections of stove pipe with a damper and two adjustable angles.  The stove pipe sections store inside one another so the whole kit fits inside the stove for easy transport.

Dog Dish

Dog Dish

Offer your pooch a bite to eat or water drink with the help of Frost River’s waxed canvas.

Our dog bowls are in two different sizes… Duffer’s Dog Dish is for smaller dogs (holds about 4 cups), Boo’s Big Bowl is for bigger dogs (holds about 10 cups). Both work great for food or water and are collapsible.

July 1, 2015 Newsletter

Frost River website

There’s a New Frost river website!

The Frost River website makeover is complete! There are fresh photos, new illustrations, all the 15 New Designs for 2015 are there, along with our go-to classic bags. There’s even a new catalog! Navigation will be familiar, but new and improved. Stop by, check it out, you might find something you like!

Frost River - Buy it for life
Frost River patches

Frost River Patches

We’ve got patches! …finally. Get some to sew on a favorite pack, bag, jacket– wherever you want! Show some Frost River pride!

Choice of red or leather look-alike …… $3

A fox with a box of Frost River e-gift certificates

e-Gift Certificates

Frost River gift giving made easy! Buy ’em online to be used online. Order as many as you please to make an amout that suits your needs… or their wants. What does a fox with a box have to do with it? Click through to see.

Available in $25, $50, $100

Frost River, Mobile ready, even for dogs.

Mobile Ready!

We recently read that 94% of small businesses don’t have a mobile website. Well not here! Part of the beauty of the new site is that it looks better than ever on phones! Even Tico the shop dog agrees.

Try it…

Frost River Storefront


Happy American Independence Day! The Frost River store will be closed on Saturday Juy 4th to celebrate. We’ll be answering phones, filling orders, and staffing the store before and after the holiday. While we’re taking a break with friends, family, and countrymen… Check out our new 2015 Frost River Catalog! We’d be happy to mail you one…request a free copy here


Swim Creative

Did you check out our new website yet? Good. Our friends at Swim Creative helped us put it together. Keep them in mind if you need web, video, or ad help. You can tell them Frost River sent you…

Swim creative logo
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14 New Designs for 2014

Saganaga Travel Satchels and a RollUp garment cover by Frost River

750-px-Numbers-2014-New-Designs-pricer-ovalsNew releases from Frost River for 2014. We did 13 for 2013, we surpassed that this year, releasing a total of 26 (various sizes included) New Designs at a rate of one per week for the first 14 weeks of 2014. Some are modifications to existing patterns, like adding exterior pockets to our Flight Bag or adding backstraps to our Explorer Duffel. Others are brand new designs like the Kamloops and Seven Bridges Daypacks. What will 2015 bring…? We’re excited to tell you all about the new “Reliable Softgoods” headed your way.


14′′h x 20′′w x 10′′d.



16′′h x 22′′w x10′′d.



7′′h x 4′′d



8′′h x 10′′w x 3.25′′d



11′′h x 15′′w x 3.75′′d



13′′h x 10′′w



15′′h x 11′′w



17′′h x 12′′w






Sized Small – XL



Sized Small – XL



13′′h x 20′′w x 12′′d



13′′h x 24.5′′w x 12′′d



12.5′′h x 6′′w x 5′′d



11′′h x 7′′w x 5′′d



6′′h x 4”w x 2.25′′d



11′′d x 6′′w x 6.5′′h


18. Shop Apron ESB (not pictured)


27′′h x 26′′w



13′′h x 8′′w x 5′′d



23′′l x 10′′w (open)



44″h x 24″w



15′′h x 15′′w x 5′′d



7.5′′d x 10.5′′h



5.5′′d x 10.5′′h



18′′h x 18′′w x 6″d



13′′h x 15′′w – 5.5″d






Bush Cooker

Bush Cooker Titanium Stove as sold at Frost River made by Four Dog Stove Co.

Crafted of titanium in the U.S.A., the Bush Cooker is built and designed by the folks at Four Dog Stove Company.  There is some serious engineering that go into these little jewels of combustion. Turbine-like fins encourage air flow as it burns sticks, twigs, bark, alcohol, charcoal or fuel tabs. Economical, and a little fun to use, the Bush Cooker stoves can be the next best thing to cooking over an open fire.