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A Canoe is Being Born….

The Frost River Trading Company is hosting the birth of a canoe.

 A  canoe skeleton arrived at our front door recently.  Canoe builder Alex Comb from Stewart River Boatworks brought the heavy form with ribs attached from his shop near Two Harbors to our store on West Superior Street.  

Stewart River Boatworks canoe on the form

The form is for a “Traveler” style canoe from Stewart River Boatworks. A Traveler canoe is a long solo canoe that will work for extended solo trips.

Northern White Cedar planking

Alex is currently adding the planking on the hull.  This is where he left off last weekend.  He plans to return December 14th & 15th.  Stop in and say hi to the canoe builder at our shop.  We usually have a pot of coffee on and a plate of cookies on the weekends.