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Geologist Pack

A Dozen New Designs of 2012

As a look back at the past year we would like to highlight twelve new designs to come out of the Frost River workshop. 

The Geologist Pack is a 2012 design that is styled after a rucksack carried by a real Geologist who explored the Iron Ranges of Northeast Minnesota, Michigan, and into parts of Canada.  We had the original pack carried in the 1940’s and 50’s in the shop for a while as we were designing our rendition.  It was rewarding to style a new pack directly from a family heirloom.  The current model is a nice sized, easy to use shape pack that maintains the working rucksack character of the original pack.  The leather backstraps are attached with hand pounded harness rivets, the pockets on the front of the pack are secured with a brass post and leather strap.  The pack has a general round shape and is forgiving if you want to just stuff gear inside and go.  One Geologist Pack supporter said “the straps break in quickly and it doesn’t take long to get an old school vintage look”. $170