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Palisade Attachable Portage Pack

395 Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack from Frost River, a roll top day pack built by hand in Duluth, MN from waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware like the ring yoke pictured here. Guaranteed for life.

A dozen new designs of 2012

As a look back at the past year we would like to highlight twelve new designs to come out of the Frost River workshop. 

Carry some weight up front and keep stuff handy on a portage with a Palisade Attachable Portage Pack up front.  It hangs off a set of d-rings that need to be installed on your backstraps (we can do it or you can get an installation kit to do it yourself).  The modular setup could be adapted to use in the canoe or at the campsite with a little ingenuity. Waxed canvas pack body, solid brass hardware, reliability is built into the construction.  $120


Riding on the front, a Palisade Pack can extend carrying capacity and keep items close at hand on a portage.