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Gladstone Luggage

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A Dozen New Designs of 2012

As a look back at the past year we would like to highlight twelve new designs to come out of the Frost River workshop. 

We have updated our Gladstone Luggage in 2012.  It is now a whole line of bags.  The original with the internal pockets and web handles is now named the Gladstone Toolbag.  The Gladstone Carryon still has the wire opening in the mouth so it opens wide, but it has been dressed up with leather handles and the pockets have been moved to the outside of the bag.  The price stays the same for both …$160.  The Gladstone Weekender has been expanded to increase its capacity; it is 2” longer and has leather handles with exterior pockets it is $180.

Gladstone luggage in the carryon size is new. The toolbag is the Gladstone we have been building for years