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Accessory Bag XP – Snap Expandable

The fourth new design to be rolled out in 2013 is the Accessory Bag  XP – Snap Expandable.  Snaps are what set these bags apart from the standard accessory bags.  A pair of brass snaps on the front and back of each of the three sizes of Accessory Bags XP allow for different configurations.  Snap your pencil case that holds your writing kit onto the bag that contains the toothbrush and shaving stuff.  Now your luggage can stay clutter free and organized.  Once you get back from a weekend’s travels snap off the toothbrush and shaving kit and attach the lunch and snacking bag that gets carried to work and back.   

Modular and adaptable, this could be just what your kit needs in order to maintain order and evade the chaos of clutter.  Create separate kits then mix and match as your daily assignment dictates.  First-aid, cordage, toiletries, mess kit, fire and tinder, sharpening and blade maintenance, music, writing and art.– there are several different configurations, all can work together.    $14, $16, & $18 for Small, Medium, and Large.