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Bike Bags – Seat Wedge and Trunk

Frost River Bike Bags working together to increase carrying capacity
Frost River Bike Bags working together to increase carrying capacity

American handcrafted quality using premium materials- Frost River’s reliable softgoods are made to be used and built to last. Two of our newest models are no exception. The Fernberg Road Wedge Bag, and the Taconite Trail Bike Trunk were released as new design number 9 of “14 new designs for 2014“. They are fresh additions our full line of Bike Bags.

All are built in our shop in Duluth Minnesota from waxed canvas, premium leather (from Red Wing Minnesota), and solid brass hardware. They have a nod to heritage styling and we work to make them as universal of a fit as possible. Reliability, it’s what separates our packs and luggage from the competition. It’s also why our bike bags deserve consideration to increase the load bearing of your bicycle.

That's a load! Bicycle camping anyone?
That’s a load! Bicycle camping anyone?


The Taconite Trail Bike Trunk works great with our Highway 1 Panniers. It’s a reliable, distinctive way to carry a bunch of stuff on two wheels. The large capacity panniers have a cinch closure at the top with room to expand, an internal stiffener panel to keep the bags off the spokes, and tie downs to keep ’em on the bike. They passed Chica Warrior’s inspection, she reviewed them on the Hub Bike Co-Op’s Blog.

Bike_PackedWaxed canvas is a great material for making bags. Tough and durable, it will last for years; water-resistant, you won’t need to worry about getting caught out in the rain or riding through puddles; distinctive, you will stand out yet blend in because of the field tan earth tone. Also, waxed canvas is sustainable and renewable… it’s repairable and will biodegrade (when its time) much better than nylon. So please, pick out something you like and give it a try on your cruiser… you’ll be happy you did.