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Looking for a Gift? We've got those!

Looking for a Gift? We've got those!

It’s not easy, finding a good, meaningful gift amid the noise and chatter of this modern age. We’d like to encourage you to take a break. Step back and look toward the past and consider the lasting durability and charm of classic, waxed canvas packs and bags handcrafted right here in the USA. You’re sure to find something special for someone on your list, and maybe for yourself as well. Thanks for checking us out!

Vintage Pack by Frost RiverVintage Pack - A classic pack that’s big enough to be useful in the field, ferrying gear, yet portable enough to come along everyday. Waxed canvas holds up to the elements and abrasions plus develops unique patina with age and use. The long leather flapstraps work well to lash gear to the outside of the pack. It’d make a great first canoe pack for a junior paddler in your crew as well as a great second pack for ready access gear on a longer outing. It could work great as a carry on for airline travel as well! Available in Field Tan or Heritage Black, either are ready for years of heeding the call of the unknown.

North Bay Daypack by Frost River

North Bay Daypack - Classic daypack design, patterned a lot like the nylon school packs we carried as kids. But these are built better, and made from heartier materials. Big, tough zippers make access quick and easy. The outside pockets provide spots to stick small stuff and keep it handy. Great as a school pack, works hard on the job, belongs best with any pursuit headed outdoors.

Lake Michigan Tote by Frost River

Lake Michigan Tote - Anyone could use a nice tote bag! They’re super convenient and versatile for lugging stuff around. From playdates to presentations, picnics to passenger car preparedness - waxed canvas and leather provide protection for whatever needs to get there. The sturdy leather handles are trusty, true, and will hold up for years. Just like all our gear, (other Great Lakes totes included) these bags are made with pride here in Duluth, Minnesota - U.S.A.

Shell Bag in Heritage Black by Frost RiverShell Bags - Good in the field as a haversack, perfectly professional as a purse, four sizes to match what you’d like to carry. The waxed canvas and strong leather strap strike just the right balance of portability and performance. Here’s a great gift for any age or gender, and in Heritage Black has an attitude all its own.

Accessory Bags by Frost River

Accessory Bags - Who couldn’t use a couple Accessory Bags in their life? So dang handy to bundle all the little stuff together. Several colors available to code contents, all waxed canvas to keep weather out or an accidental spill contained. They’d make a good Dopp Kit, charger cord container, make-up or gift bag … keep it all together in an Accessory Bag!

Waxed Canvas Cap by Frost RiverWaxed Canvas Cap - Hats off to American Manufacturing! Made in USA hats in two different styles and five colors will cover a head and keep it movin’ forward.

Lunch Bag by Frost RiverLunch Bags - Modeled after a real brown paper bag, they’ll have you looking forward to your lunch break even more! Durable and reusable, they’ll last for years. Made in USA.

Did you find something to catch your eye? Great if yes! If no, we’ve got a bunch of other gift guides posted here.

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