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The Storm of Small Business Saturday

The Storm of Small Business Saturday

Snowmageddon, bomb-cyclone, terrible blizzard, winter wonderland…. however you want to describe the weather event that dropped more than 20 inches of snow on our neck of the woods of Duluth last week, could easily be described as a rough stretch. Lake Superior Magazine tells a tale of a stone icon tipped over in the waves, folks surfing in the lake, tubing, boarding and other things in the streets for goodness sake! For us at Frost River, one of the other impacts (besides the clean-up) was the disruption to Small Business Saturday, which was set exactly as the storm hit. The holiday that started in 2010 by a credit card company (strange, but true) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving has since become a high water mark for small businesses to run with the big guys who revel in black Friday and cyber Monday sales. It’s a great way to remind folks to “Shop Small”, keep holiday money local, and stick up for the little guys among big commerce giants… last week seemed somehow lost and buried under a bunch of snow.

That stunk. So we, along with a bunch of others worked to reboot it as Small Business Saturday 2.0. And this weekend we had so much better weather!

The store hosted friendly neighbors, partners, friends, and supporters.

At the Winter Village on the historic Glensheen Estate the hut was warm and cherrie.

We pounded rivets into packs and keychains.

Making a leather keychain at Duluth Winter Village

Duluth is an interesting place to live and visit, especially around the Holidays. Stop by and see us sometime. We sure appreciate your support. Cheers from all of us of Duluth.

-Frost River