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Traveling Duluth in Early Summer

Posted by Alex Messenger

Traveling Duluth in Early Summer

Summertime in Duluth means a lot of things, beautiful views, invigorating swimming, amazing events, delicious food, refreshing beer and interesting weather. We’ve seen it all, from when we were the hottest spot in the US to when we were swimming in Lake Superior with ice floes in early June. Here are a few things to watch out for, and some ways to be prepared for the summer in Duluth.

Bring layers. Always bring a jacket, bonus to bring a rain jacket. Weather can change quickly and dramatically in Duluth. Just driving up the hill away from the lake, or moving from the harbor to the lake itself or east to west along Duluth can change the temperature, precipitation, fog and overall weather drastically. Be prepared for it and you’ll be happy.

Frost River Trading Co. with storm clouds

Speaking of fog, it can be foggy any time of year in Duluth. You can go to bed with beautiful clear skies and wake up to a thick, moody blanket of gray. Turn on your headlights when the fog is heavy, take it slow, and watch for deer. Sometimes if it’s foggy on one end or one side of town, you can get out of the fog just by driving up or down, towards or away from the lake. It’s amazing how different the weather can be just beyond Spirit Mountain, just up the North Shore, or inland heading toward the Iron Range.

Sunshine: Up north in Duluth, we get some pretty intense sun. Even though Lake Superior might be around 40 degrees and the breeze is cool, the sun is still intense, so it’s important to cover up and use sunscreen. Get the right breeze on a warm day though on Park Point Beach and you’ll think you’re somewhere near the equator, not 46.5˚ north.

Rain and Storms. If there are storms in the mix, they can strike hard and fast. Be ready if the weather is looking gloomy. When pressure and storm systems hit Lake Superior, they tend to react. Not always, though, do they drop rain and send sparks of lightning cracking across the sky, sometimes, a storm will come up to the lake and evaporate. Prepare for anything!

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Waterproof gear. With the wide range of weather possibilities, you’ll want to make sure that you and your gear are protected. An umbrella is great, but we like the combo of umbrella with rain jacket and rain pants for when it really pours. To keep your gear in good shape, and your library book from curling like a pine cone in a fire, haul your stuff in some reliable softgoods like our North Bay Daypack or Brighton Beach Tote. The waxed canvas sheds rain like a champ, and keeps the water out.

Specialized Equipment: No matter the weather, given the high number of quality breweries in town, you’ll want to carry our Double Growler Pack. The double-wide design and padded divider makes hauling two growlers, both from one brewery, or two growlers from different breweries a breeze. Your beer will appreciate staying cold and protected in the foam-padded pack, and your arms will appreciate not having to carry them!

Made for carrying craft beer in 64 oz. Growler bottles, our Growler Packs could be called a dream come true for beer fans.

Have fun, and be sure to stop into Frost River Trading Co. whenever we're open for a cup of coffee, free workshop tour and to chat about your next adventure. Cheers, and we’ll see you in Duluth!