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Boreal Axe Sheath

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0.15 LBS
The Boreal Axe Sheath protects the axe with the best quality materials available to Frost River including premium leather and solid brass hardware.

Built for hauling that single irreplaceable tool that is so important in the northwoods, the axe. Few implements are so indispensable in the deep boreal forests of North America as a high quality axe. Check out our Frost River Wood Craft Axe! Just as important as hauling one along is bringing it safely. Our Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs are fitted with an axe sleeve to keep your hands free, but a good axe is honed to a sharp edge, and a sharp edge needs a good sheath. We dreamt up this beauty in deep winter, when processing wood at your winter camp is a necessity. Inspired by the norse bearded axes of olde, our Boreal Axe Sheath is handmade from heavy duty harness leather from S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, MN. They're the folks behind the leathers that go into Red Wing Boots, and they've been tanning some of America's best hides since the late 1800s. They know their stuff. Each sheath is hot-stamped one at a time by one of our artisans with the Frost River logo and that proud statement of origin, "Made in USA." After being cut to shape by a hydraulic press and hot-stamped, the kit goes to our sewing and finishing floor, where the leather welt is bonded between the two facing sheets and sewn together using our industrial sewing machines and heavy duty thread. To finish it off, we hand-pound and finish three harness rivets and cap it off with a solid brass snap to reliably secure the sheath to your axe. Built around the Frost River Wood Craft Axe, AKA the Wood-Craft Pack Axe from Council Tool, we've found it to fit some others nicely, and will update the list below as we get to try others: Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe. Made by hand in Duluth, MN, USA.



3"W x 5.5"L x 1"H