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CarryOn Sizing

Summit Boulder Jct.

Many of today’s air travelers are carrying their bags on board the plane with them. As checked baggage fees are becoming more and more routine the overhead bins in the airplane cabin are looking more appealing to budget conscious travelers. 

A Medium Manitou and a CarryOn Valise nearly ready for takeoff

Experienced travelers know the benefits of carrying less stuff. Being free of the hinderance of a big heavy bag allows freedom as a person travels. You can be out of the airport and on the way downtown before the luggage carousel even begins turning back at the terminal. Choose your bag wisely though. It needs to be of appropriate size. We use the rule of staying inside 45 linear inches. Length plus width plus height needs to be under 45 inches. This works for most airlines and most overhead compartments. 

All the hard sided roller bags needed to be checked during this flight due to the miniature overhead bins. No match for the soft sided Valise though, it fits just fine.

We offer a CarryOn size in all the different Frost River luggage styles. They are all made from waxed canvas, all feature solid brass hardware (no plating here, and brass will bend before it breaks so the buckles and D-rings are more durable than steel plated hardware). The leather is of premium quality, it comes from Red Wing Minnesota where they make the world famous shoes.

CarryOn options in Frost River Luggage. upper Left to right– Navigator, Flight Bag, Explorer Duffel, Valise, Premium Laurentian, Standard Laurentian.

Choosing your travel luggage is a big decision. It needs to work with you and needs to be relied upon during your travels. You will appreciate the durability of a Frost River bag as it holds together during a lifetime of travel. Also you will like the character your  bag develops and the memories it accrues during a long companionship of traveling together (and it won’t look like everyone else’s luggage).