Thanks for the interest in our Frost River reliable softgoods!

We are happy to offer limited modifications to our rugged and reliable gear. By proceeding in this process, and once you agree and consign the mods, your item will take 4-6 weeks to complete, the bag is not returnable, we won’t be able to offer an exchange. It’s yours.

Before going any further please understand what we won’t do:

-We Won’t: Make a completely new and different bag. We need to stick to what we know and do best.

-We Won’t: Change the sizes of our patterns. That’s a different bag.

-We Won’t: Alter closures. One bag has a zipper for a reason, another one has buckles for a reason.

-We Won’t: Go back and forth negotiating. If we say no, please take no as an answer.

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

What we will do:

-add a personalized monogram (up to 4 characters)

-add a Canvas My Sate Buckskin Patch

-add a sternum strap to most daypack and canoe pack shoulder straps. It’s available as a drop down add-on on applicable designs.

-upgrade to buckskin padded shoulder straps on certain packs. Right now, the upgrade is limited to those with the ring attachment system: Summit, Summit Expedition, Summit Boulder Jct., Arrowheads, Vintage Pack. If you don’t see the strap upgrade listed as a drop down, we are not offering it on that pack at this time.

-offer add-on shoulder strap accessories to briefcases and luggage. They’ll slide onto packs with 2-1/4 pistol belt webbing backstraps as well.

-add attachment points for a front portage pack on canoe packs with padded buckskin backstraps. We offer an install kit for you to do it  yourself or have us install.

-offer add-on padded waistbelts as an upgrade for packs with a waist belt holder

-we do offer certain styles in additional colors like Heritage Black and Hunter Orange or Two-Tone Hunter Orange and Field Tan.

What we won’t do:

If it’s not on the list above, or available on the product page, we won’t do it, sorry. If the above modifications fit your bill, then you’re in luck, but good things come to those who wait:

—It will take time, and your patience is appreciated—

Please allow up to six weeks for completion of modifications. Sometimes it’ll be quicker, like if we can add a monogram or Canvas my State Buckskin Patch to an existing pack or bag. Sometimes, we’ll need to start your modified bag from the beginning, from the ground up, and make your requested changes as the bag is being built. If you don’t have time to wait, please pick out something from our standard offering.

Any of these modifications or upgrades will result in making the bags non-returnable. They will still be covered by our warranty but once you order a personalized bag, it’s yours, as we cannot sell it to someone else. This is non-negotiable.

Thank you for your interest and understanding. We appreciate your support.