You have found the page for all  (or most of) the questions we at Frost River get on a more than regular basis. Please take some time to read through this page, as there’s a good chance the answer to your question is here. If not, feel free to contact us at the shop during normal business hours.


Can I add modifications?

We’re able to do some modifications to existing products, but in most cases we’ll need to build the item from scratch. If you’ve looked at our products and can’t find the right piece of Frost River gear that will work for you, the first step is to contact our design gurus using the customization form on our modifications page. We’ve been making our stuff for a long time and we know what’ll work.

Keep in mind there are no returns on custom/modified products and that a modification may take 3-4 weeks. Our first priority is filling our retail and online orders with items off the shelf.

(Click the “Custom Requests” tab for more info…)

What about the color?

We appreciate trying to find the perfect bag, that is why we feel each of our bags are unique. The leather will be dark brown. The canvas is a Field Tan color, which can be slightly more green or more tan depending on the dye run. We feel the subtle color variance each shipment of canvas has makes each product individual.

There are a select few products that are offered in a Hunter Orange color.

When will my order arrive?

We will will send you an email when your order is put in the system. This means we are either grabbing it off the shelf or building it upstairs. When your item has left the building you will receive a second email with tracking information and the carrier that will be delivering your package.

Expedited shipping orders need to call in first for a few reasons. First, we are a small, very busy company and need to build many of the items to order. Please check to make sure we have the product in stock to send. Second, orders received Friday afternoon through Sunday will not be shipped until the following Monday. If you need something quickly, please take this under consideration.

Does Frost River consider donations for benefits?

We do consider product donations for benefits and/or organizations. The first step is to fill out our philanthropy form. We will review the information and get back to you. It is important to submit the form at least a month in advance to allow for consideration.

We get many donation requests throughout the year, and wish we could donate to all. Please be patient and understanding.

What are Frost River items made from?

All of our packs, bags, and accessories are made from a waxed cotton canvas, premium leather from Red Wing, Minnesota, and solid brass hardware. It’s the good stuff.

How do I care for my waxed canvas?

Our packs are tough, enduring, and made to be outdoors. Take a look at specific care instructions here.

Where is Frost River?

The Frost River is a remote waterway in the east central region of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, known for its variety and appeal to the adventurous. It is also a store and workshop in Duluth, Minnesota where all the “reliable softgoods” are made. Coffee’s always on at the shop, until we go home, then we turn it off. You can find our store here.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee: your pack will hold together as you work to wear it out. Get the specifics (and fine print) here.

A squirrel chewed a hole in my pack (or was damaged some other way). Can I get it repaired?

We’ll work to repair many issues on Frost River gear. We built it, we know how it goes together, and can take it apart. We can add patches, swap components, and work to keep a trusty bag doing its job out in the world. We can and do repair other canvas bags as well. Drop us a line if you’d like a quote –

I ordered a pack and it’s too big, can I exchange for a smaller size?

It’s a common question. Our packs and bags often run larger than expected. We have a pretty easy-going return policy though. Keep it fresh, try your new bag indoors before bringing it outside. As long as it’s new and in unused condition (as long as we can put it back on the shelf and sell it as new) we’ll exchange sizes and/or models with you. You’ll need to pay for shipping on your own though… details through the links above.

Why choose Frost River? There are cheaper bags out there…

It costs a lot to make good stuff in this country. We source premium raw materials and pay our employees honest, living wages to make reliable goods you can use for a lifetime. Our prices are all based on what goes into ‘em, not the maximum we think folks would pay. It’s an honest way of doing business.

We stand behind what we make and are proud to partner with other small businesses to offer Frost River gear to stores around the country and around the world. Visit us here to learn about setting up a wholesale account for your brick and mortar store. We make good stuff, you won’t be disappointed.

Can I customize a bag?

Being that we make all our Frost River gear on our own right here, we have a certain amount of latitude to offer custom features and substitutions to existing designs. We aren’t able to do totally custom bags, and stick to proven patterns, but we do have several ways you can make a bag your own. Take a look at the AddOn options for upgraded straps and pockets, patches, and more. Otherwise, send us a message at for more detailed project ideas.

Does Frost River Take sides?

No, Frost River is a premiere manufacturer of waxed canvas and leather goods. Our owner, Chris Benson, feels it is important to provide employees the opportunity to express our individual opinions but has steadfastly maintained that his business has to remain neutral on political issues.

What’s Frost River’s connection to the Boundary Waters?

See above about “The Frost River” – A lot of our customers and many of us here at Frost River share a love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure. One of the important spaces in which many of us like to recreate, that a lot of folks in the country and from around the world like to recreate, is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Frost River started out by making canoe packs, purpose-built for the BWCA, and it’s a regional mecca of canoeing and deep woods. It’s part of our heritage, and we love it.

How do I get to the BWCA from Frost River?

Easy! We’re right at a crossroads between Interstate 35 and Highway 53. Following either northwest (53) or northeast (I35 to Highway 61) will get you closer to the border and closer to canoe country. Check out maps or give us a call for more specifics!