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Dog Collar/Leash

Fly Rod Case

We are happy to offer a line of Dog Collar / Pet Leashes for our second of thirteen new designs for 2013.

We use a bunch of leather on our packs and bags.  It comes from the best American producers, and makes great collars and leashes.  Most of our leather comes from the tannery in Red Wing Minnesota that supplies Red Wing shoes with their boot leather.  It is great stuff.  Occasionally we get a request to make a collar for a dog, usually the answer is no problem, there are several dogs who visit the Frost River shop who wear custom built collars.  Duffer, Tico, Jack, and Pete all seem happy with their neckwear and some of their collars are as old as three years.  The harness leather is the same grade that we use on the backstraps of our canoe packs, it is heavy but pliable– robust and lithe.  It works great for backstraps and shoulder straps, it also works good for pet collars and leashes.  We cut the leashes to minimize flex in the grain and maximize strength and durability.  All of the hardware is solid brass, there is no plating to be worn off.  The rivets are strong and reliable.  The logo is burned into the leather. We are making three sizes for the collars.  The 13″ collar is 3/4′” wide and fits dogs with necks from 10″ to 16″.  The 16″ fits necks from 13″ to 19″ and is 1″ wide.  The 19″ collar is also a inch wide and works on necks from 16″ to 22″.  Measure your dog with a flexible measuring tape and measure for the narrowest part of their neck.  If you need some other size, give us a call, we can work something out for a custom collar.  There is something special about the feel of a leather leash, it can add an element of substance and nostalgia to having to take “Fluffer the wonder dog” out for a walk at 4 a.m… at least you get to use that great leash.

Pete pulls hard on a walk. He is part of the testing crew for our new 1″ leather leash. It has passed inspection. Connections are sewn and riveted