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Tregurtha Canoe Pack

A Dozen New Designs of 2012–

As a look back at the past year we would like to highlight twelve new designs to come out of the Frost River workshop. 

The Tregurtha Canoe Pack is the largest pack in the Frost River line.  It is named after the largest “Laker” in the Great Lakes shipping fleet.  Both the Canoe Pack and the “thousand footer” Iron Ore boat can carry a lot of cargo.  The ship is propelled by diesel engines; the Canoe Pack relies on human propulsion.   Be careful what you pack in the 9,000+ cubic inches of capacity, this pack could get dangerously heavy for bipedal use.  Don’t be scared, just be warned.  $290 

The Tregurtha Canoe is a new design from Frost River. Over 9000 c.i. capacity, it is not a pack for the faint of heart.