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EDC for a Daytrip

Posted by David

EDC for a Daytrip

Travel Like a Woodsman

Be Prepared is more than just a motto. Whether on a short jaunt into the woods, down winding roads or deep into the backcountry, it’s important to plan ahead and pack the things that you need, as well as the things you hope you won’t. It can not only benefit you, but your family, and fellow travelers, too.

Living a “Be Prepared Lifestyle” doesn’t take much extra effort and can be fun and rewarding mindset. You’ve got a trusty bag that goes everywhere with you right?

Here are some thoughts on handy items to bring along:

-First Aid Kit - Our RollUp Travel Kit works great as a container for a well-stocked first aid kit. Bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, ibuprofen, tape, a couple absorbent pads, some safety pins, emergency medicine (think Epi-Pens), and a few choice over-the-counter meds could save your day or someone else’s, and make you a hero to a friend in need of a bit of help. Make sure you know how to use everything in your kit, get training if you don’t, and remember to rely on the professionals if you get in over your head.

-Essentials Kit - Consider a Large Accessory Bag to contain tools to help you get out or bed down in a sticky situation: leather gloves, a headlamp (with spare batteries), folding saw, multi tool, compass, folding shovel, fire kit with lighter/wood matches and a chunk of birchbark or other fire starter, length of rope or cord, a bit of toilet paper, small notebook, pencil, and a knife (if not wearing one already, and follow the laws in your area). Having this kit together also makes packing for a canoe trip (or other grand adventure) quicker and easier.

Nalgene Water Bottle-Water in a sturdy container - Water is essential to life, being prepared by carrying a bit with you in a container that can be refilled as you go. If you’re going to be out for a while, consider bringing iodine or some other water treatment as well. Keep it protected and insulated with a BWCA Insulator.

-Snacks and/or a lunch - Be prepared and bring a bit of sustenance along, and avoid getting hangry (angry from hunger, which nobody really appreciates).

Yes, it’s a bit of weight, yes, it’s a bit of bulk, but these items could save the day for you, or that of someone close to you.

Whatever you choose to carry, be prepared with a few choice tools to help you out in whatever situation your adventure gets you into. We’ve got several daypacks that are well-suited to be carried everyday and in the woods and will keep you looking good while you’re at it. Happy travels on, and off the beaten path!