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Frost River Handcraft Weekend

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News Release                                                                                                                                                      December 12, 2012 

Join us this Friday/Saturday in celebration of American Manufacturing.

We are working hard in our store and workshop on West Superior St. as we fill holiday orders. Customers are coming in the store and ordering online from around the world.  We will have Frost River staff available to tell you about in on Friday afternoon and evening, and all day Saturday.  A mitten making class will be beginning at 6:00 Friday, Canoe construction will be going on until 6:30 on Friday then 9:00 until Noon on Saturday… it could be a fun, good news, Friday Liveshot???

Shopping local is important to the health of a community.  It helps area merchants and craftspeople who live and work in your neighborhood.  Coming up this weekend, December 14th and 15th, you can see and interact with the people making and selling their wares at the Frost River Trading Company.  We will not just be showcasing products made in the Northland, we will be able to introduce you to the people who actually make many of the great items in our shop. 

We are nearing the homestretch of holiday shopping, if there are still gaps in shopping lists around the Nothland we encourage local shopping… it is especially rewarding if you can meet the person who made your gift(s).

On Friday (12/14) Alex Comb from Stewart River Boatworks (Knife River Minnesota) will be in the shop continuing the work on our canoe.  Alex has been building boats up the North Shore for several decades and has developed a strong following of people who appreciate a fine boat and want the chance to do some of the work themselves.  His wood and canvas canoes, wooden kayaks, and rowboats are sought after as they are some of the best.  Alex is building a 15’6” Traveler solo canoe for us in our shop.  It is on a form with wooden ribs attached and he will be putting the cedar planking on the hull this weekend.  When complete, the boat will have a canvas covering.  The canoe will stay at Frost River for paddling, display, and promotion.  It is a sort of Christmas gift to the shop.

Kevin Kinney from Empire Wool and Canvas (Lakeside Duluth) will be teaching a mitten making class on Friday evening from 6:00 to 8:00.  Kevin and his Boreal Shirts have gained a near frenzied following around the world.  The wool “hoodies” have been extremely popular among cold weather fans around the globe.  He has several styles of warm weather clothing made of wool and canvas.

Paul “the blacksmith” Webster of Green Fire Forge and Forging Community (Proctor) will have his portable blacksmith forge set up and working on Saturday (12/15) as he demonstrates traditional techniques of crafting useful house wares from iron.

We will have demonstrations of Frost River techniques going on as well.  We will attach some backstraps with hand pounded copper rivets and have tours of the shop going on throughout the weekend. 

In addition to the packs and bags we make in our shop on West Superior Street we carry several other American Brands at the Frost River Trading Co.  We have worked hard to assemble a unique collection of all made in the U.S.A. products.  We feature: New American Fur Company of Duluth (fur hats and mitts), Duluth Grill (cookies and goodies), Duluth Coffee Co. (locally roasted coffee), Four Dog Stove Company of St. Francis MN (camp stoves and camping gear), Whiskey Jack of Whitefish MT (canoe paddles), Freeman of Seattle WA (rain jackets and flannel), Wiggy’s Bags of Grand Junction CO (sleeping bags).


About Frost River: Frost River meticulously handcrafts its heritage brand of premium softgoods at its shop in Duluth, Minnesota, including shoulder bags, canoe packs, bike bags, backpacks, briefcases, luggage, hunting and fishing cases and much more. Its signature fabric—a waxed cotton canvas also known as “tin-cloth,” has been used for over 100 years to produce goods that are meant to last—both in harsh outdoor environments and in the rigors of day-to-day use. This unique fabric, along with premium quality leathers, robust solid-brass hardware and heavy-duty cotton webbing create the backbone of a product that, when combined with time-tested design techniques and handcrafted labor, will last a lifetime. As a result, all goods are guaranteed for life. Frost River’s products are available at premium retail establishments across the world. Call 218-727-1427, email, or go to for more information and to locate a retail partner near you.

Frost River Trading Co.

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