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Field Tan Waxed Canvas - A Modern Classic

Posted by David

Field Tan Waxed Canvas - A Modern Classic

When you think Frost River, you probably think premium...

...of the high quality, the meticulous construction, the no-nonsense function, the leather, the brass, and of course field tan waxed canvas. Frost River gear is easy to spot. There are so many nylon bags out there, in crazy configurations and colors. There are also many imitators— packs and bags that think because they look a bit like the real-deal that they just might be. But still, even with the imitators, it’s easy to spot a Frost River pack. There is a refinement, a utility, and a timelessness about what we build. That’s why we craft gear the way that we do. It’s not the easy way. Hardly. It’s the right way, the way it should be, and it’s hard work, which is why the finished product is so tough.

Frost River Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack Jr. on the Appalachian Trail.

Our field tan waxed canvas is a marvelous material that works wonders in the outdoors, wearing hard and blending in. Our packs and bags are built to the standards of those who came before, and those rare few who rely on their equipment in both day to day and in the deep mystery of unknown wilds. The material, in its natural earth-toned color, has been around for years, earning a solid reputation of enduring prolonged use and rough treatment outdoors. It’s no sterile-lightweight-super-fiber. Our canvas comes from the earth, making a quiet statement of durability, great feel, and unique character. It's tough, and provides a smooth feel while imbuing the quality and durability required for a lifetime of use. As you carry a waxed canvas bag it will subtly change over time, developing its own personality, a patina that is like a record of the experiences and adventures you’ve been through with your trusty bag.

Field tan is where it all started.

It’s the original, natural color for canvas packs and bags. Before industrial dies, bleaches, chemical blanches and tech-washes, the cotton fibers

Sojourn Skinny Pack available with a padded sleeve or as the box style (with wider side gussets) for more capacity.

were natural or naturally dyed, off-white or muted color. Canvas would gradually stain and discolor over time, and eventually, what started as off-white would fade and age to become a product of its lifetime— an amalgamation of the trips, falls, scrapes and adventures that created the eventual look and feel of a well-worn piece of equipment: field tan. We decided to start where all good packs end up, with that subtle, earthy field tan color. Over time, like all good gear should, our packs and bags age, polish and patina. The brass will glow, the leather will shine, and the field tan will be influenced by all the miles you’ve logged and the patches sewn on to cover those few missteps.

The color and canvas stands out in town, bringing a bit of the woods into the city and offering a quiet reminder of something that may have been forgotten in the hustle-bustle of our modern age. You’ll be rewarded as you carry the same reliable pack from your weekend adventure with you on Monday after brushing the woods duff off from a recent hike into the hinterlands.

The Frost River Voyageur Backpack Brief at Ely's Peak.

Our gear is built to last a lifetime, to stand out through subtlety and the nature of high-quality materials and craftsmanship. A piece of distinction, merit and longevity speaks for itself. A Frost River pack is a bit like that; it doesn’t need to boast. But some folks have asked for a pop of color. We’ve done a few special runs and limited builds of Frost River gear in other colors when we’ve partnered with folks like Woolrich, Askov Finlayson, Westerlind, and our retail partners, always sewing with subtle earth tones — shades you’d find in nature. It’s important to us, because we at Frost River build reliable softgoods, gear that is grounded, sturdy, and usable outdoors, and the colors we choose should be too.

Which brings us to Frost River red

The Frost River Limited Build Two Tone Collection in Field Tan and Olde Glory Red. September 2016

We love red! Our logo is red, our building is red, the company truck is called “Big Red,” Henry, the Frost River van, is covered in red (and field tan). It’s our other favorite color. We recently got ahold of some red waxed canvas and are offering a bit of it on a select few of our daypacks in a limited build, and we’ll be taking pre-orders through September 6th, 2016 for shipment in late September.

The Frost River Itasca Outset Day Pack in two-tone, with Olde Glory Red and Field Tan. Available for a limited time at Frost River Trading Co. in Duluth and online at Orders taken through 9/6/2016 for end of September delivery.

It’s fitting that this red, called “Old Glory”, was made to emulate the red stripes on American flags of olde; the stars and stripes is an important symbol for us as we build and manufacture in Duluth, MN, USA. In fact you’ll find a little flag on the taffeta of each of our packs, so you could say we’ve had red in all of our packs! When we saw this canvas, though, we knew we needed to add some to the packs for a little while at least.

Red-Arrowhead-pocket-DSC_7978“Old Glory” red is just the right shade to complement our reliable softgoods: Not too bright to be obnoxious in the woods, not too pink (nothing against pink, but we’ll never do pink packs… that’s just not right). The wax formula in this beautiful red is the same as our field tan, a proprietary compound infused in a super-secret process by the folks at Fairfield Textiles in New Jersey. It’s a deep, earthy red, a bit like the warm hue of a Norway Maple leaf with the sun coming through it. It works great with our field tan waxed canvas. And it’s only going to be available for a short time this fall. So act quick! Check out what we have to offer, pick a pack you like and get in on this limited edition offering. They won’t be offered for long, but just like all our Frost River gear, they are guaranteed to last a lifetime!