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Frost River Sweatshirt

Being able to make a fire has been vital through human history.  Fire can keep a person warm,  will cook food, and can make water safe.  Being able to make a fire can be challenging  though.  Luckily, there are some craftspeople around who can help.

We have added a new Cookstove section to frost  We currently carry three models of “hobo stoves” or “can stoves” a portable grill and a campstove.   Two of the stoves fold up and are made of stainless steel.  One is cone shaped, made of titanium, it is not foldable, it is a can stove design.  All of them will burn nearly any combustable, solid fuel– and with a proper container, will safely burn alcohol.  Wood– twigs, bark, and small chunks of split wood burn great as long as they are dry.  Charcoal works good– if you are using briquettes (like for the barbecue) cut them in half, they’ll work even better.  Solid fuel tablets (hexamine, Esbit) can be used, and  isopropyl alcohol works great as well.  There is an alcohol burn cup included with the BushCooker,  You could even use a combination of fuels.  Don Kevilus of Four Dog Stove Company says isopropyl alcohol can work like training wheels for fire building, use it as you improve your firecraft, and to get good at using your stove, then with a little practice you can be an expert with fire.  

The BushCooker is made in Minnesota by the Four Dog Stove Company.  It is shaped like a cone, has double wall construction and with well placed holes and slots will increase the function and efficiency of fuel.  It is the lightest stove we carry, 0.35 lb.  Titanium is known for being more durable to wood fire than many other materials like steel and aluminum.   

The BushCooker promotes combustion, as long as the fuel is small and dry it really burns

The Firebox is touted as being “…a multi-purpose Super Tool for fire”.  It is a square shaped, foldable stove made of stainless steel.  It folds flat and will work with a variety of fuels.  The cutouts on the sides create a unique ambiance whether at a wilderness campsite or roasting marshmallows on the back deck.

A folded Firebox stove

The Magic Flame is of Swiss design and construction.  Like the Firebox, it is a folding steel stove.  It is lighter weight and has a more refined feel.  A European rendition of the “hobo stove”.

The Magic Flame is a Swiss folding steel cookstove

The Two Dog Stove is a big cookstove, it is meant to heat a tent or other shelter, but it would work great to cook on as well.  An internal baffle or shelf prevents heat from rushing up and out of the stovepipe too fast.  The placement creates a disturbance in the airflow inside the stove that makes a hotspot on the top of the stove that is just right for cooking while you heat your tent.  The stove is made of steel in Minnesota, it weighs 43 lbs.

Steel stove made by the Four Dog Stove Company in Minnesota

Slat Grills aren’t really Cookstoves but work great as a portable grill.  Placed over a bed of coals (we’ve used charcoal on the back parking lot) Slat Grills will provide a grill wherever you want to cook.  They go together and come apart quickly and are also from a Minnesota Company.  A new modular design allows stacking and side by side configurations.  It’s a great way to grill on the go!

Brat on a Slat Grill…. looks like it’s ready.