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Flight Bags Medium vs. CarryOn

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We occasionally get calls to the Frost River shop asking about the difference between the Medium and CarryOn size of luggage especially the Flight Bags. Over the whole luggage line there is not that much difference between the two sizes but it really is close between the Flight Bags. We compared the two in a video Review.

Frost River Flight Bags- Medium on the left CarryOn on the right.


Dimensionally two inches in height and two inches in length separate the two. They are both soft sided and that could come in handy anytime you needed to squeeze a bag into a tight spot. If a little “wiggle room” was left inside the bag the Medium could conceivably be crammed into the carry-on box at the ticket counter.  

Comparing the bottoms… The Medium Flight Bag on the right is two inches longer than the CarryOn on the left.




When designing all of our CarryOn bags we used 45 linear inches as a standard for sizing. Airline requirements vary for permitted sizes for bags carried on the plane. We set our CarryOn size at the lowest common denominator (we encourage you double check the requirements of your airline, we make no guarantee our CarryOn will work on every airplane every time). Measuring 44″ length plus width plus height, the CarryOn Flight Bag comes in slightly under max size. The Medium Flight Bag is a little over at 48 linear inches. 

Both of these Flight bags have the same amount of stuffing to demonstrate the internal volume difference. the Medium at the top is understuffed. Traveling with a little empty space could make the difference between a Medium Flight Bag that gets carried on and one that becomes a checked bag. Notice the  D-rings for the shoulder strap are on opposing sides of the zipper? That arrangement makes the bag more balanced when carried by the strap.  Shoulder strap upgrade


The Flight Bags represent solid value and stand up well as travel luggage. There are no extra pockets or compartments inside. That keeps the weight to a minimum and keeps cost down as well. They are made of our heavyweight 18oz waxed cotton canvas at our shop in Duluth Minnesota. They are simple, built to last, and distinctive.

We are building fresh Flight Bags all the time, you can order yours here