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Frost River Firewood Haulers

Posted by Alex Messenger

Frost River Firewood Haulers

Fireplaces and woodstoves are great at providing warmth and ambiance... chase away winter’s chill, brighten moods at camp or keep a cabin cheery…but those fires constantly need to be fed, requiring frequent trips from the woodpile to the firebox. Our Timber Haulers are here to help! Give a gift of a solid grasp on more than an armload of wood and save some trips this Christmas. The area in front of the fire will stay cleaner when using our Timber Haulers, and so will the person carrying the wood. Duff, bark, and debris can stay in the sling. Carry the bundle with one hand, and be able to open doors with the other. Plus you’ll be able to see where you’re going without wood stacked up to your eyeballs… Handy!

Log Carrier-Timber Haulers

Pure utility, a simple waxed canvas sling with sleeves for the included 3/4 inch solid oak dowel handles on each end. It’s long enough to go around a hearty armload of split firewood and rolls up for easy storage. Great for use at home or in the field, the handles are removable so you can re-purpose the sling for other uses in camp when not hauling wood. It’d make a good makeshift mini groundcloth in your winter tent!

Firewood Sling-

Log Carrier No. 615 by Frost River - Axe and logs not included

A waxed canvas sling with leather handles and accents— there’s a bit of luxury built in. The corded, rolled leather handles are sturdy and substantial, they feel good to carry. The sling is just the right size for portability and will stand up to as big of a load as a person would want to carry. Hand pounded harness rivets and sturdy nylon thread hold the whole works together. Consider one of our handcrafted Wrought Iron Hooks to hang the sling on between trips.

Birchbark GDT Log Bag-

Birch Bark Log Bag GDT No. 605 By Frost River

You don’t need a rustic cabin in the woods to appreciate a well-crafted log bag. This thing works just as good for feeding an urban fireplace as it does at a backwoods pot bellied stove. The bathtub ends work really well to keep all the bark and bits where they belong as you haul wood in from the pile, plus it makes for a handy catchall in a trunk or living room when not serving the fire. Like all of our Timber Haulers, it’s made by hand in the USA!

Firepit Sling w/ Stahl Firepit

The Stahl/Frost River Firepit Sling, designed to haul the Camper Firepit and compatible with Frost River XP Accessory Bags. Firepit, sling, and accessory bags sold separately.

Here’s an upgraded Firewood Sling with longer handles for shoulder carry and sleeves to accommodate a portable Stahl Firepit. You don’t need the collapsible steel and aluminum pit to appreciate this sling (it works great on its own), but the whole rig sure does have a unique and fiery appeal. There are snaps inside the sling to attach an Accessory Bag XP for tinder, kindling, fire starters, or a pair of gloves, or use the snaps to help keep the sling closed. Carry the fire pit to camp, cabin, or the backyard, set it up, then use the sling to go get some wood to burn. A slick system with unique style that’s all made in the USA. Cool! … or hot, or just an awesome way to fuel a fire. Happy camping with better carrying capacity and a collapsible fire pit!

However you choose to haul your wood (or stove) may your campfires be ever-cheery and surrounded by good friends!