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Frost River Hats

We now have a full line of Frost River hats.  We’ve had standard cotton Frost River hats for months.  They are nice, made in the U.S.A., and come in several different colors.  We have some with a leather logo and some with an embroidered logo.  All the standard cotton hats have “Duluth Minnesota” across the back.  They work great and are cool for summer, they cost $25.

We have tried to make a waxed canvas hat.  And found that it is tough. Ebbets Field Flannels in Seattle Washington makes vintage, historically-inspired, athletic clothing (and now Frost River hats).  We have the same canvas that we use to make our packs and bags sent to them and they build hats for us.  They turned out really nice, the cost is $40. No embroidery on the waxed canvas models, just a leather patch.

A Frost River waxed canvas hat $40.


Waxed canvas hat, made in the USA