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Frost River Pack and Bag Reviews

Posted by Alex Messenger

Frost River Pack and Bag Reviews
Reviews are live on and we’d love to hear from you!

There’s a lot of value in your experience, opinion and impressions. It’s important to us and to other folks who are considering Frost River gear for their daily grind, annual canoe trip, or once in a lifetime adventure. Reviews are a great way to share what you like most about a pack, or tips and tricks on how to use those lash squares on your Summit Expedition, or how much gear you could fit in your Flight Bag, or how to pack your Isle Royale for the most comfortable carry.

Here’s a couple great examples of reviews on some of our favorite packs and bags. And remember, like in some of the examples below, it's good to share stories and examples help showcase your experience. It’s a great way to let the craftspersons who made your bag know how they’re doing, and to let other visitors know your two cents. Thanks, friends, we look forward to hearing from you!

Here's how to leave a review at

  1. Use the search bar or menus above to navigate to the piece of Frost River gear that you have experience with and want to review.
  2. Underneath the Product Name, you'll see a link that reads "Write a Review".
  3. Click the link, and it'll bring up the Review Window as shown above.
  4. Fill out all of the review fields you'd like to include. We suggest filling out each option to help other folks get a feel for why you gave it the rating you did.
  5. Finish it out by clicking the red "Submit Review" button to save your work and to help your neighbor with your real world experience!
  6. Optional: Grab your trusty pack and take it for a celebratory adventure, you deserve it. Cheers! FYI- Each review is filtered for language, appropriateness, etc.

FYI, while we work to not filter reviews, we reserve the right to reject reviews and comments for inappropriate content, language etc.