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Frost River Sustainability – Canvas

Canvas — It’s cotton. Our canvas is way more sustainable than anything made of nylon. The waxed canvas we get from Fairfield Textiles in New Jersey is some of the best stuff in the world. Between using that great canvas and quality of construction, we can keep your bag in service for years. Other than shipping costs, most repairs can be done quite inexpensively (free if the repair is covered under our guarantee). We have some expert bag builders here, that also means they are expert bag ripper-aparters as well. Trust us, we can keep your Frost River stuff running longer than any overseas manufacturer will keep your synthetic bag in service. Theirs are disposable. Ours are reliable– and being made of cotton rather than oil, ours are easier on the planet.

Frost River waxed cotton canvas in the color “Field Tan”. It’s what we work with, and stand behind. It is durable, sustainable, reliable.