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Frost River Tents & Tarps

399 Frost River High Falls Short Day Pack from the front


Frost River handcrafts tents, a tarp, and a Lean-To as well as waxed canvas packs and bags. The shelters are made from a natural white  10.10 oz. Sunforger Canvas.  The canvas has a built in fire retardant, water repellency, and mildew resistance. 

The two and four person tents feature an enclosed sleeping area with a floor and zippered no-see-em netting. The awning and side panels can be used together to make a covered work and cooking space or used independently as conditions and mood dictate. Several ties offer options to secure the flaps and screens. A screened window at the back wall of the tent allows ventilation. In warm conditions it helps cool the tent; in the cold it works to draw warm air from a woodstove back through the tent. All corners and ties are durably stitched and reinforced to ensure reliability.


Frost River's Campfire Tent with optional end cover in its natural habitat.
Frost River’s Campfire Tent with optional end cover in its natural habitat.

Both tents can be fitted with an EndCover. It is an additional component that attaches to the grommets in the awning and side panels. The End Cover is laced to the tent to enclose the whole front opening. There is a stove jack in the side to pass the stovepipe from a small woodstove. When the end cover is attached, access to the tent is gained through a full height zipper on each side between the side panels and the end cover. A new tent must be “seasoned” before use by wetting it down and allowing to dry. This helps water resistance at the seams. 

The Two Person Campfire Tent weighs 26 lbs…. Cost: $820
The Four Person Campfire Tent weighs 34 lbs….Cost: $950
The EndCover weighs 11lbs….Cost: $250
The Pole Package weighs 13 lbs…Cost $300
All Frost River Tents and Tarps are handmade to order. Please allow a two week lead time.  


Total size- 8’6”x 7’
Enclosed Sleeping Area- 4’6”x 7’
Center Height 4’6”
Back Wall Height – 2’
Total Weight (tent, poles, end cover) 50 lbs
2 person tent, poles, EndCover — $1370

Total Size- 13’6” x 7’
Enclosed Sleeping Area- 7’x 7’
Center Height- 6’6”
Back Wall Height- 2’
Total Weight (tent, poles, EndCover) 58lbs.
4 person tent, poles, EndCover — $1500