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Frost River with Zeal Optics

Installation Kit for Attachable Portage Pack


This ad appears on the back cover of Canoe & Kayak’s 40th Anniversary edition. Frost River stuff looking good on the water!

It was late in the day on a Friday afternoon, we were getting ready to close the shop and head out, when Chris, the Proprietor of Frost River came up front to the store on a mission. He had just got off the phone with the marketing guys at Zeal Optics. The Zeal crew was getting ready to leave on a photo shoot and needed some props…. in a hurry. We were happy to help.

 Not being big into premium eyewear, I was not familiar with Zeal Optics at the time. Now, after getting to know what they do, I’m impressed. They focus on making great polarized lenses, and match them with frames made from stuff that’s better than plastic. Their Z-resin is made from the castor plant instead of crude oil. Their “Grounded” philosophy is something anyone can get behind. None of this mattered much at the time. I needed to get a box of Frost River stuff out to Oregon in a hurry. 

We didn’t have many details on where they were shooting but understood it was near some water. We sent them a Grand Portage Pack with a Map Case, a Large Laurentian, and a Leather Journal. We were really happy when we saw the shot. They were in a canoe. The pack was right where it belongs. The ad recently graced the back cover of the 40 year anniversary edition of Canoe & Kayak Magazine.

The scurrying on a late Friday afternoon, racing to the shipping depot by 6:00 pm so the box could get on a plane for next day delivery to Portland was gratified. It’s pleasing to see a canoe loaded with a Frost River canvas and leather looking good on the back cover of Canoe & Kayak magazine. Thanks Zeal.