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Frost River’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Posted by David

Frost River’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Mother’s Day is on the way!

First off, all of us here at Frost River would like to say… Thanks! Thanks to all the Mothers out there, we appreciate the love, work, and guidance you’ve provided to make the world a better place for each of us, both here at Frost River and beyond. Our talented crew works hard and everyone here has special skills, many of which have been passed down from generations of mothers before us. Also, to all the Moms we have on staff… Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are some hard working, waxed canvas gift ideas to help you say thanks and help keep Mom looking good and carrying well. Each item we make here at the Frost River shop is designed and constructed to endure and function at its best, just like how Mom taught you to be.

Shell Bag

Handbags and Shoulder Bags

Waxed canvas creations with character, any Mom would be proud to carry one of our purses. (Especially with one of those giant, kid hockey player buttons on it.) We’ve got several styles of handbags, shoulder bags, and totes that work great for a woman on the go. All are made here in Duluth by people who care, many of whom are mothers too. Our top picks: Saganaga Travel Satchel, Field Satchel, Crescent Lake, and Premium Shell Bags.

Packs, sized right for mom.

399 Frost River High Falls Short Day Pack from the front angle

Not too much, but plenty of room for all those Mom essentials is what we aim at for a Mother’s Day backpack recommendation. Our High Falls -Short Day Pack is small enough to be easily portable, yet holds enough to be handy on the go. There’s a sleeve at the back to divide contents or carry a water bladder. A small zip pocket on the front keeps cards or keys ready to go. The padded canvas and web shoulder straps are wide enough for comfort, but low profile  to stay out of the way. Give your mom a hand by helping to keep her hands free. This pack stays put on walks, runs, and scrambles, so it’s ready for whatever challenges Mom faces!

Summit Expedition

A pack built to last, with space and pockets! The sides will take a large water bottle, the front keeps small items close at hand. Great in a canoe, on the trail, or around town as a day pack. Waxed canvas keeps the weather out. Reliable Duluth construction is guaranteed to hold together for years of family adventures.


Crosby Garden ToteMoms often end up carrying a lot, why not help by providing a handy bag? One of the beauties of our field tan waxed canvas is that guys won’t even mind sharing the load! Our Garden Totes celebrate spring planting and are useful for carrying all sorts of stuff to the garden and beyond. A Zippy Tote is great as a sophisticated carry on for travel wherever Mom needs to go. The Temperance is part big purse, part stylish briefcase, all reliable and set to please for years to come. Our Gooseberry Tote is a grocery-getting champ! It folds flat and stays out of the way, until called upon to carry a bunch of stuff, then it opens wide and offers utility and reusability unmatched by any plastic bag. Want the same ultra-portable-foldable utility with a shoulder strap? Take a look at our Urban Foraging Tote. It’s a medium-sized tote that takes up almost no space in your car, pack or purse. Plus, the little slip pockets hold coupons, receipts, or a phone!

A new portage pack would make a great gift for a mom with a love of canoe country. Our Timber Cruiser and Woodsman Packs are sized right in the middle. Each are able to carry a full camping kit yet remain portable and fit great in a canoe. Need to carry more? Our Grand Portage and Camp Cook’s Kitchen are sized right for an unforgettable trip into the border country.

Frost River Box Style Canoe Packs L-R Woodsman, Old No.7, Lewis & Clark, Tregurtha

Most importantly: Celebrate mom with a gift of outdoor adventure. No matter if you get out for a grand canoe expedition, a walk in the woods, or a simple stroll around the block, just spending time together in some fresh spring air will certainly be appreciated. And if you can’t get together, share some of your love of all things outdoor and handcrafted with a gift from Frost River, an e-gift certificate along with a hand written letter can go a long way. Cheers to Moms!