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Growler Pack

Frost River Coffee

The craft brewery trade is maturing in our part of the country.  There is even one, Bent Paddle Brewing, opening across the street from our shop.  Many of these micro breweries offer their beer for sale in half gallon containers called growlers.  In order to help beer fans transport what they like and crafters distribute their wares we designed a pack to tote these growlers.  We have a Single and a Double Wide Growler Packs that protect, insulate, and make it easier to carry jugs of beer.

A standard glass growler on the left, a Frost River Double Wide Growler Pack, a pint glass from Canoecopia, a Single Growler Pack, a stainless steel Brauler is on the right.

Canal Park Brewery helped us get a hold of some stainless steel growlers.  Called Braulers they are wide mouthed, food grade steel, and should work great for carrying beer whether you are on or off the beaten path.  The jugs will hold several different liquids, just about whatever you want to drink.  The growler packs will work if you’re carrying beer or not, they’re great as a regular pack.