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Hand Forged Heavy Duty '1910' Hooks

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Hand Forged Heavy Duty '1910' Hooks

A Hook With History  


These Heavy Duty Hooks are made to last, we know because they have! Forged by hand here in Duluth, MN and ready to hold any pack, coat, curtain, or whatever you can to throw on it.


A story from the Blacksmith, Paul Webster:

"These hooks are of an extremely limited production run because they are literally crafted out of a metal stairway salvaged from the Frost River Building at 1910 W Superior St...'


Local Lore

'As one can tell from the delightful stabilized rust patina, the stairway had served for many years outdoors on another building. Local lore has it that it was a back stairway for a “hospitality house” where sailors and local factory workers could have their more personal needs attended to. Do not be concerned about any history that may have found its way onto the metal over the years, as each piece has been heated to orange hot, stripped, annealed, reheated and forged, then wire wheeled and heated again before a final quench in finishing oil.'


Of Late...

... 'the stairway served busy workers at Frost River as they rushed supplies and equipment in and out of storage. In the process of changing uses for the basement, it became clear that the old stairs had no place in modern construction. They were offered as raw material to local blacksmith Paul Webster, who happily squirreled them away for future use. Paul in consultation with the creative folks at Frost River, eventually decided that hooks would be an oddly appropriate use for the historic metal. Now you too can take home a little reminder of this colorful part of Duluth long and affectionately known as The Wild, Wild West."




1in W x 5.5in H x 4in D

Weight 0.90 lbs