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Handcrafted in the Neighborhood

In the center of Duluth, just west on Superior Street, a Craft District is emerging:

Plates, including signature BBQ ribs, get a final inspection before being tabled at OMC Smokehouse’s opening night. Photo David Hoole.

We’re a collection of small businesses, clustered together, with a shared vision of getting things done, crafting good stuff that discerning folks appreciate, and telling the story of how things are made right here. Visit us in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and you can see our waxed canvas gear being handbuilt. Across the street, thousands of gallons of beer can be seen being brewed at Bent Paddle Brewing Co. You could have a pair of shoes or a leather bag made at Hemlock’s Leatherworks, you can get measured for a custom protective motorcycle suit that’ll be built at Aerostich. You can make stuff yourself at the Duluth Folk School, learn about and buy clay cups, bowls, and more at Duluth Pottery. There are baked goods from Duluth’s Best Bread, delicious local eats at The Duluth Grill, and you can shop for skate and snowboards, and other rad stuff at Damage Duluth. There’s good stuff to eat, drink, see, and do in the neighborhood, and the list of handcrafted offerings keeps growing all the time.

The newest addition to the neighborhood is the OMC Smokehouse.

The OMC Smokehouse as seen from W Superior St. on their opening night. A full house! Photo Alex Messenger.

Standing for Oink, Moo, Cluck, OMC offers barbecued and smoked meats of the best quality, traditionally prepared right across the street from our front door. The OMC crew has spent a considerable amount of time learning the art of meat preparation from the experts of the craft in the American south. Folks at OMC have the experience of food preparation and presentation developed through years of successful work at the Duluth Grill, just eight blocks west of Frost River. During busy times at OMC, servers offer a text message based reservation service to allow people a chance to wander the area while waiting for their table. It’s another way this band of independent, locally-owned small businesses in the Craft District are working together, crafting something great in an emerging gem located in the best outdoor city in the land.

Coming Soon

The Lincoln Park Craft District continues to grow. Frost River has been working hard on buildouts to prepare for our newest neighbors in craft. Soon to be gracing our fair street immediately east from the Frost River Trading Co. doors will be Love Creamery. They’ll be making and scooping their artisan, local, and absolutely delicious ice creams in an amazing new location. At the door just east from them on W Superior St. is the future home of the latest brainchild from the food geniuses at The Duluth Grill and OMC Smokehouse: Corktown Taphouse and Delicatessen. Corktown and Love Creamery’s new location will be just two more reasons to come and pay us a visit.

Within a two block radius, visitors can find delicious southern-style barbecue smoked in the back lot (the smells (and tastes) are out of this world!), arts, clothing, backpacks and gear built right there (with free workshop tours!) and premium ales and lagers brewed just feet from the taproom. See all that and more by making a visit to Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District— you’ll be glad you stopped by.

Duluth has so much to offer…

Cans of Bent Paddle Brewing Co.’s flagship golden IPA, Bent Hop in the Bent Paddle Brewery. Photo G1Studios.

It’s a great place to live and a fun place to visit, and it is getting better ALL the time! The people are awesome, not just the folks that live here, but the visitors as well. It’s a trustworthy and hearty crowd that calls The North home or choose to visit here. Lake Superior — the great, inland, unsalted sea — is a force all it’s own. Outdoor adventure opportunities abound during all four seasons (and all four really are distinct and sharply varied). We have trails, parks, river valleys, and green space all over town. It’s awesome.

We are a community of makers.

There’s a lot of great stuff being made here in Duluth. Duluthians have long been relied upon to create what is needed. From ships and sails to timber and taconite, we’ve done what needs doing and moved what needed moving. It’s part of who we are and what we do. It’s important to us and to our identity to be known and trusted to make, move, and deliver the commodities that people want and value.

In the Frost River shop harness rivets get hand pounded to attach padded leather backstraps to a waxed canvas canoe pack.
In the Frost River shop harness rivets get hand pounded to attach padded leather backstraps to a waxed canvas canoe pack. Photo G1Studios

Here at Frost River, we take pride in making all the waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories by hand in our workshop above and below the store. We love offering tours of the shop, providing visitors a view into a bustling manufacturing facility that blends modern technology with old world artisanal techniques and tools to craft lifetime-reliable softgoods. It’s important to know where the goods you buy come from. We appreciate your support of American manufacturing; our business and our neighborhood depend on it. Thank you!

Duluth really is awesome. There are so many opportunities for living, working, playing, and doing. You should come visit us as soon as possible. You won’t be sorry!

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