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Heritage Black Collection Phase II

Posted by David

Heritage Black Collection Phase II

A whole new pack of bags in black

Black, it’s like field tan for the urban forest. Blending with the shadows, pavement, formal affairs, business and commerce of a modern cityscape. Our Heritage Black Collection of professional and proven packs and bags is being expanded. We have a whole new fleet of bags to offer, all handcrafted in Heritage Black waxed canvas at  our shop in Duluth, Minnesota, they’re specially designed for you and your travels, on or off the beaten path.

Integrity of materials and reliability of construction is the same in Heritage Black and Field Tan. The waxed canvas is weatherproofed by the same folks in New Jersey, the leather is from the same S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota, the hardware is still solid brass. We take an extra step with Heritage Black by adding a unique patina to knock some of the brass shine down to compliment the darker canvas. The pack designs remain the same no matter the color. To see the first phase of the collection, released in April 2017 click here. Scroll down to see what’s new for this summer some are perfect for heading back to the classroom!

North Bay Daypack with Padded Sleeve - $205

Classic daypack design that’s made to last for years. Simple, dependable, handy, and true, a North Bay is at home in the woods and wilds plus it works great for school or work duty. The size and shape is perfect for books, folders, and other scholarly things. The padded sleeve does wonders to protect a laptop, and isn’t bad to shield a back either. Capacity and organization rule this roost in this classic backpack.

Voyageur Backpack Brief $275

This crossover carryall in Heritage Black means business. Great for travel no matter if for work or pleasure. We make ‘em to be functional as a backpack first, briefcase and luggage second. The backstraps are well designed with a bit of contour and padding plus they have a web daisy chain to allow attachment of gear, badges, and whatever else needs clipping. Want to carry the bag by the handle or attach an optional shoulder strap? No problem! Just unclip the backstraps, stow ‘em in the handy sleeve at the back and you’re on your way. Pockets, dividers, compartments, a full-size padded sleeve and lash squares are all well placed and functional to keep your gear together. Inside, you’ll find brass snaps positioned to work with our Accessory Bags or Windigo Signal Bag to add more organization no matter which orientation you like to carry your bag.

Itinerant Daypack

Great going to school, down the trail, or off to work, our Itinerant Daypack will keep up with your pursuits no matter if in the woods, on the water, around town or in the wilds. With the practical, portable, design now in Heritage Black, the pack is more professional than ever. Upgrade to premium for more leather and a padded sleeve. Feel the pride of bringing your woods pack to work. Sometimes it’s the little things like that that’ll help infuse a bit of adventure in a daily grind. Made in USA at Frost River.

Sojourn PackSojourn Pack with Padded Sleeve

Classic canoe pack styling updated with a padded sleeve at the back and now available in Heritage Black. Premium leather straps feel good, work great to take a load, and add character to any bag. The box style design adds capacity to allow just the right amount of cargo space for your everyday carry items plus an extra layer or change of clothes. The padded sleeve at the back provides sanctuary for a laptop and/or padded protection for a back. Harken back to a more classic era with a Sojourn in our waxed canvas and leather backpack.

Single Brief

Rugged elegance in a workbag crafted from black waxed canvas with dark leather. Its tough materials and handcrafted construction will last for years and keep lookin’ better all the time. Exterior zipped slip pockets are great to keep paperwork (or a new Frost River catalog) ready at a moment’s notice. Cord reinforced leather handles offer security and confidence that you’ve got a steady handle on where you gotta go. Push forward into your day at work knowing you’ve got a bag that’ll keep up and leave an impression of lasting reliability with everyone you meet.

Simple BriefSimple Brief

Straightforward, clean, and true, Our Simple Brief in Heritage Black is not fancy or showy. It does it’s job so you can better do yours. Black Waxed canvas sheds weather, spots, and stains, dense cotton web provides strength and durability for the handles and shoulder strap. Inside, just as in all our briefs, you’ll find an organizer panel with spots for the utensils and instruments that a person often needs to bring along. All our briefs and bags are made right here in Duluth, Minnesota, just as they oughtta be.

Saganaga Travel SatchelBig Saganaga Travel Satchel

Straightforward, simple, and true, here’s a satchel that’s built to last and carry your stuff as you move forward in the world. There’s a three pocket organizer panel inside along with a big zippered pocket that grants access to the back of the bag as well as up inside of the top flap. Button magnets help to keep the whole works closed. A long cotton web shoulder strap permits cross-body carry if that’s what you like to do. A classic and affordable messenger bag that's made in the USA.

RollUp Dopp KitRollUp Travel Kit

Keep your stuff together! A toothbrush and toiletries, first-aid supplies, charger cords and adapters, whatever you want to keep straight, this little ditty offers zippers and a big pleated pocket in a roll up design that’ll even hang for convenience once you get there. Heritage Black adds style points and doesn’t sacrifice performance one bit. This thing’ll last, you’ll be happy.

Field Satchel Small or Large

Vertical orientation with plenty of pockets personify the Field Satchel. A long leather shoulder strap takes a bit of training to break in, but soon it’ll learn who’s shoulder it belongs upon. Here’s a haversack that’s part purse, a bit of brief, really is reliable, and  built right in the USA.

558 Crescent Lake Shoulder Large. The Crescent Lake is a stylish purse, bag, or satchel. Available in small and large.Crescent Lake Shoulder Bag -Small/Large

One of our best purses, now available in Heritage Black. Comfortable to carry with the convenience a couple pockets. The bag boasts durability and lasting good looks of heritage black waxed canvas to go along with the can-do, go-anywhere attitude that comes with handcrafted construction. Two sizes available, both are very portable, the large is not too big, the small is not too little, either could be just right for you.

Lunch Bag SB

Sprinkle a bit of sustainability in on your lunch break with a reusable Lunch Bag in Heritage Black. Modeled after a real brown paper bag, the use and capacity are straightforward and as you’d expect. The SB model has a post that works with punched slots in the leather strap to provide a more solid closure than our standard lunch bag. Great for a lunch, it’ll also hold a cook pot, like our Mors Pot, your portable coffee kit, camp snacks - whatever!

Bazaar TotE

Large capacity, adjustable one inch wide leather handles, big and bold antiqued solid brass hardware, a hanging zip pocket, and a snapped gathered closable top— now available in Heritage Black. The Bazaar Tote is a winner. It’s a great combination of lasting good looks andenough capacity to be handy as a hauler, whether you need to carry a little or a lot. Plus, in Heritage Black it’ll elevate your ensemble to a new level of sophistication and style as you carry well.

Boardwalk Tote

Portability, security, and outboard storage hallmark this handcrafted design. We build the Boardwalk Totes right here alongside all our other packs and bags. Heritage Black waxed canvas adds professionalism to the built in utility of our Boardwalk Tote. Adjustable 3/4” leather handles, a zip top so you’re stuff is sure to stay put. It’s big for a purse, but sometimes that’s what is called for.

The Urban Field Bag is a satchel/purse from Frost River that offers multiple zippered pockets and compartments, with a cross-body cotton shoulder strap and lifetime guarantee.

Urban Field Bag

Part tote, part purse, all reliable - The Urban Field Bag is a reliable companion for your forays on and off the beaten path. From the urban 9 to 5, to backwoods trails, waxed canvas sheds spots and stains and develops unique patina with age and use like nothing else can. Invest in a bag to be by your side for a lifetime of adventure.

Vintage Messenger Bags

Our top of the line messenger bag gets an upgrade with Heritage Black. There’s a lot to like and admire with this design— Pockets, compartments, plus your choice of capacity with two different sizes. Each offer plenty of leather, quick release tabs to keep the main compartment closed. The Little Vintage is big enough to be considered a small briefcase, the full size is large enough for bigger laptops and heaviest loads that a busy person would want to carry.


A full featured folio that’s ready for a pad of paper and all your odds and ends. There’s charisma built in with the hearty raw materials and logical layout. Stays closed with a solid brass snap. Now available in Heritage Black, make a statement of handcrafted reliability without saying a word.

Shoulder Strap Accessories

We’ve got Heritage Black Accessories to round out your ensemble. Leather from the S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota along with specially antiqued solid brass hardware, supple black deerhide buckskin, cushy closed -cell foam, and premium cotton webbing, this is the good stuff to go along with a new Heritage Black bag or whatever else you gotta carry. A shoulder pad can help cushion your carry. All our briefcases and luggage include a standard shoulder strap, these are upgrades or replacements for existing bags.

Leather Shoulder Strap

Upgrade your cotton web strap with this 1” leather strap. Great for luggage or a brief, or any other bag you’ve got. Adjustable length. Comes with included pad.

Leather Shoulder Pad

Add a bit more grip and spread out the weight of a heavy bag with this shoulder pad. Wide slots will slide over our hardware so you can handle this upgrade at home.

Leather Shoulder Pad with Padded Buckskin

It starts with our Leather Shoulder Pad, then gets a layer of cushy foam padding faced with black buckskin. Premium quality goods for a more comfortable carry.