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Heritage iPad

We have dressed up our iPad case for the seventh new design of 2013.  iPads are popular, our cases work to make carrying them around safer and easier.  Why not dress them up a little with some extra leather?  The leather we use on the Heritage iPad Case and all our briefcases is really great stuff.  Tough as a pair of work boots, (it comes from Red Wing Shoes’ private tannery) it provides  durability– but even more special is the “feel” the leather top adds to the case.  As it gets carried it will break in and get scuffs and scratches from use.  That will add a sense of character that is not able to be matched by imported, synthetic cases.   We make them in two sizes, the standard has the front sewn right to the back, it’s made for an iPad by itself.  The XL has a side gusset, it is meant to contain an iPad (or similar sized tablet) with an aftermarket case.  As with all of our Protege computer cases there are three slip pockets on the back of the case, under the flap there is also one full length slip pocket.  A 1″ shoulder strap is included.  Waxed canvas with padding and solid brass hardware. $120 or $130 for the XL.

The iPad Heritage is made of waxed canvas and has a leather top. There are three pockets on the back, the 1″ shoulder strap is included.