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Holiday Party Gift Guide

Posted by Alex Messenger

Holiday Party Gift Guide

It’s the time of year for gatherings…

…of friends, family and colleagues to spend quality time with one-another over delicious meals, games, fun and good conversation. We’ve compiled a list of USA-made gear that’s sure to please and help make the party all-the-more warm, inviting, and waxed-canvasy. The invitations are sent (or are about to be) the menu is a work-in progress, the friends’ll come… Now’s time to get the last-minute handmade softgoods to help make the time even more enjoyable. Cheers to you and yours!

Read on for our Holiday Party favorites, or click here to shop the guide.

Bottle Tote - Single or Side by SideWine Bottle Tote - BYODSBD - Bring your own Double Shot Double Black from our neighbors in craft here in the Lincoln Park Craft Business District: Bent Paddle Brewing Co. - Whether it’s wine or specialty bombers of high quality micro-brew, our bottle totes are up to the task. Sherpa lining offers padding and insulation, while heavy duty zippers and a sturdy, comfy rolled leather handle instills confidence. Also available in double-bottle capacity for double the fun.

Shop ApronShop Apron - Working on a turkey, monitoring the Hors D’oeuvres table, or keeping watch over the grill or campfire, the Shop Apron is a proven performer. It’ll help keep you and your fancy duds clean, plus the pockets are handy for napkins, bottle openers and other tools of the holiday trade.

Cutting BoardFrost River Cutting Board - Made for us in the US from recycled materials by the good folks at Epicurean, these are some of the best cutting boards we’ve used. They’re made from wood-fiber, which means they’re nice to your nice knives. Ours is sized to fit nicely in our thwart bag, and any good little camping rig. Makes for a great cheeseboard. Nice!

Growler Packs

Growler Pack Sling Bag - Heavy duty 10.10oz waxed canvas with closed-cell foam lining, the padding kind not the beer kind, give this pack the oomph it needs to carry 64oz of crafted goodness wherever you need it to go. A grab handle and sling strap make carrying your growler a breeze. The drawstring top lets the cap poke out so you can pour without even taking the growler out - handy!

961-Growler-PackDouble Growler Pack - Like the sling bag, but built from even-burlier 18oz waxed canvas, this growler pack hauls 132oz of craft-beer on wide web shoulder straps or the convenient grab handle. A padded divider keeps the two growlers apart, while a lid with solid brass roller-buckle closure gives the whole thing classic knapsack style while keeping it classy.

Leather TrivetLeather Trivet - Holiday parties mean good food and tasty snacks. A leather trivet helps protect a table from scuffs from ruffian pots, pans and ceramics, whether they’re hot or cold. Works great as a growler coaster!

Leather Coaster NestCoaster Nest - Like the leather trivet, but smaller, our coaster nest comes with six bridle leather coasters emblazoned with Henry the Frost River Caribou. Leather protects wood from water and glass surfaces from clanging drinkware. Comes with a handy nest for all six.

Lake Huron Tote

Huron Tote - Everybody needs a good, solid, reusable tote. This one’s made by hand in Duluth, MN and built for life. Helpful for hauling the ham and oranges, down-right handy for bringing your dish to the party itself! Cotton web handles and overbuilt construction help to keep the goods in the bag, and the bag in good shape for years.

Birch Bark Log Bag GDT No. 605 By Frost River

Timber Haulers - No party is complete without a cheery fire! Help keep the recently swept entryway clean by hauling your firewood with one of our firewood carriers. Built to the standards of expedition-grade canoe packs, these will last a lifetime. You can read more about our offering of Timber Haulers here.

The Stahl/Frost River Firepit Sling, designed to haul the Camper Firepit and compatible with Frost River XP Accessory Bags. Firepit, sling, and accessory bags sold separately.

Stahl Firepit & Firepit Sling - Bring the party outside, to the backyard, the beach, or the back 40. The Stahl Camper Firepit is a sturdy, made in USA firepit that’s designed to go anywhere, and our Sling lets you carry it, and helps you gather or haul firewood once you get there.

Wine Bottle BandoleerWine Bottle Bandoleer -  Holds and proudly displays three good bottles of your favorite bubbly, red, blush, white or bomber of beer. A stout brass ring quadruple-riveted to the premium leather and waxed canvas body of the bandoleer give you hanging options, so you can put it on your wall, or drape it from the saddle on your ride over the river and through the woods.

Can InsulatorCan Insulator - Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a normal koozie. We call this a Can Insulator for good reason: these are handbuilt from hard-wearing 10.10oz waxed canvas, and insulated with closed cell foam— They actually keep your can cold, and your hand protected from the frigid aluminum. Built by hand in Duluth, MN and guaranteed for life.

Frost River Cribbage BoardCribbage Board - Maybe not the life of the party, but a perfect companion for when things quiet down and you’re sitting around the coffee table with a few good friends. Wooden Pegs included. So beautiful you might want to hang it on the wall. Made in Minnesota.

Flight Bag No.652 CarryOn

Flight Bag - Traveling far to the party? Here’s a piece of luggage that’s just right for a well-thought-out, or decidedly-last-minute endeavor. Heavy duty construction surrounding a durable single zipper opening make packing and unpacking a breeze. No-nonsense design means it’ll work for you for years, and stay out of the way doing it. Ah, the beauty of pure function.

You can also shop this guide here.