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International Shipping from Frost River

The internet has made shipping handcrafted wares around the world easier than ever.  Languages are translated in a click, shipping estimates are calculated behind the scenes so they seem almost automatic, and credit card and Paypal payments take care of currency exchanges.

Reliable Softgoods are shipped across the world from Frost River headquarters in Duluth Minnesota, USA
Reliable Softgoods are shipped across the world from Frost River headquarters in Duluth Minnesota, USA

If you are outside the United States and are shopping for “reliable softgoods” we’d be happy to help you! The website has plug-ins for all our preferred carriers. They can get you a quote in a jiffy. Pick out something you like, proceed to checkout, plug in your country and postal code, and you can get an up to date quote on what it will cost to ship. We prefer to ship internationally using FedEx Express (they offer better tracking service) but will also ship via the US Postal Service.

Duties/Tariffs/Taxes – (a handy calculator) Be advised that many countries will charge you to import items from us in America. These charges vary from country to country, we have no control over the charges and don’t know what you will be charged when we ship your item. An export form gets filled out that states the package contents, value, weight, and origin. We will not list the value at zero or mark it as a gift because we do a considerable amount of international business and need to stay in good standing with customs officials. We need to walk the line.

We have found a handy resource to estimate charges for an international shipment. This website  offers a calculator. We realize the cost to send packages around the world is substantial. We’re sorry that governments taxes the goods we ship to you, but really have no control in the matter. 

Some things we’ve learned: –Canada has been placed at the top of countries listed, not where one may expect to find it in the C’s. –If your country doesn’t have states, try a province abbreviation, try leaving the field blank, or use an x. –FedEx International seems to work best and quickest to many areas (and is more trackable), Canadians seem to prefer USPS. 

You must weigh the costs of shipping and taxes against the benefit of having a handcrafted item made to last for years– we hope you decide to place an order soon.

Thanks for your consideration.

-The Frost River Crew