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Leather Card Caddy

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0.10 LBS
The Leather Card Caddy can attach to a phone, hard-drive, glove compartment, or tablet to keep your important cards handy.

Our new leather Card Caddy can help you, and your pockets cut a bit of pocket clutter and keep a card handy. The new Card Caddy holds fast to a phone (or other object, via rugged peel and stick adhesive) and provides a handy slot to keep cards ready and available- no matter if for business, credit, or identification. You may have seen something like this around, but this one’s the pick of the litter, the top of its class, none are this nice. We make ‘em with full grain leather, a vinyl backer, and top quality double-sided adhesive for a secure cling. Lay claim to your phone, portable hard drive, glove compartment, tackle box…. whatever, and keep your cards handy!


Heavy Duty Nylon Thread, Oil-Tanned HH Vintage Boomer Leather, Double Stick Adhesive Tape, Clear Vinyl