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Leather Tree Ornaments

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Leather Tree Ornaments

Leather Tree Ornaments

There's nothing like decking the halls with premium materials! Add some reliable ornaments into your collection- no bubble wrap or tissue paper needed. Made from two different types of premium leather, these ornaments are not only fun for the tree, but also highly sustainable. The small nature of these decorations allows use to use every single bit of our leather, leaving nothing to waste-- not too mention, now made by solar energy!

Premium Leather

The ornament itself is made from the same leather as our packs & bags. Each is tied with a buckskin piece to hang from the tree.

Hot Stamped by Hand

Each ornament is truly handcrafted. The design on each is hot stamped by hand-- just like all of our Frost River oval logos.

Recycled Remnants

Each piece of leather in the ornament is helping us to utilize every last inch of our premium materials.