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Meet the Wood Craft Axes

Posted by David

Meet the Wood Craft Axes

The axe is arguably the most versatile tool a woodcraft practitioner can carry.

Our new Wood Craft Axes from Council Tool blend portability with power, durability and good looks, Made in USA manufacturing with a Frost River logo. Council Tool's Wood-Craft Pack Axe line harkens back to traditional axe construction with no paint, polish, frills, or extras. They’re just hard working axes, made as they should be, right here in the USA.

The axe has a good bite, and digs into wood heartily.

It’s not difficult to get chips flying when using it. The handle has a very useable profile, it is comfortable to grip, and provides assurance that you’ll be able to hang onto it through a swing. On a recent firewood gathering outing, we were able to cleanly take limbs off a dead and downed tree and chop the tree into lengths effectively. This axe is a pleasure to use! It has enough heft to allow it to work effectively, yet the size and weight remain quite portable.

There are two options to choose from in our Wood Craft line, both have the same 2lb. head, the choice hangs in the handle length. The 24” handle (measured before the head is attached, so it ends up finished around 23”) provides more power and better safety for legs and feet. The shorter 19” handle (again, measured before its joined to the head) offers better portability in a pack. The 5160 steel in the head is fully heat treated for edge retention, durability, and hardness. The cutting edge is ground and honed to a very sharp edge, it has been described as “a chisel on a stick” because it cuts so well. The poll is fully functional as a beater as it is also heat treated. Still use care, as it is not hardened like the poll of a splitting maul, but this axe makes a better hammer than most, as the whole head is heat treated, not just the cutting edge. The hickory handles are premium grade - A, selected for grain orientation and runout. Council Tool guarantees the steel in the axe heads for a lifetime so they can be in a family for generations.

Each of our Wood Craft Axes has a Frost River logo branded into the wood handle. The premium Boreal Sheath is made here in Duluth from our harness leather. It is sewn and riveted with hand pounded harness rivets. It has a substantial leather welt and a solid brass snap. Those additions are what make a Frost River Wood Craft Axe unique and worthy of special consideration.

Though they would do well displayed above a mantle, these are not wispy wall hangers, they’re rugged, robust, built to last, and work hard for years. Either size of the Wood Craft Axes would be at home in the axe sleeve of our Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack. The shorter 19” handle is slightly better suited to the Isle Royale Jr. and Mini as they’re more compact. Having the same 2lb. axe head you don’t sacrifice much power. This 3/4 axe is more of an axe than a hatchet.

Frost River Wood Craft Axe with Boreal Sheath

Utility with just the right heft, here’s a hard working, elegant tool that’s made right here in the USA.