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New Beans From Duluth Coffee Company

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The wares from the Duluth Coffee Company at coffee making central in the Frost River shop

The Crew at Duluth Coffee Company have a new batch of beans roasted. The story that comes with the beans states that Colombia Huila Los Naranjos coffee comes from an area where 52 individual growers each own their own “micro wet mill” where the coffee beans are carefully processed before they are sold.

It’s really interesting getting coffee from the Duluth Coffee Company because there is such variety and it’s roasted at their shop on Superior Street. They buy small lots of beans and when that lot is gone they switch to roasting beans from a different region. Recently we’ve been getting beans that were dried on patios in Northern Sumatra. Apparently the coffee beans had been separated from the “mucilage” surrounding the bean by hand cranked machines. I just know it was good coffee and am equally pleased with the Colombian variety. It’s fun to have a story to go with our coffee. And it’s nice having coffee partners in Duluth. Thanks gang!

We usually have a pot of coffee on in the shop. Please feel free to stop in and try a cup or order a pound online. 


Information provided with our coffee. The current batch comes from the Los Naranjos River area in Colombia