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One of those days

A cold morning at the Duluth Harbor. Birds undaunted by -20 near the aerial lift bridge.

Winter in Minnesota is ….. cool.  We know its coming, the deep freeze, but when it arrives it is still a shock.  Wake up in the morning, look outside and you can just tell its cold.  The frost between the storm windows is up higher than usual.  As the sun rises the light has a different quality.  There are special days where it doesn’t get above zero…. This is supposed to be one of those days.  

Forecast for Duluth

Lake Superior steams in the heavy cold. 

Steam rolls off Lake Superior at -20F

It’s not easy living in the north in the winter, it can be dangerous to people, pets, and machines.  Vehicles sometimes don’t want to work and they are usually slow to start.  It is unique though.  The cold keeps us northerners hearty and strong and there are some who like the cold.  It’s distinctive and different, and it gives us something to talk about in the mid-summer heat.  Today is one of those days.

At -20 the open water of Lake Superior sends columns of steam into the air.

Stay warm neighbors.