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Notes on Totes

Need a sack to carry a bunch of stuff? Try a tote! We make a bunch of different sizes and shapes… eighteen at last count. With that much diversity, choosing the right one could be difficult. There are open top models, some zip or snap closed, adjustable handles, shoulder straps… Let’s break it down.   Would Read More

Premium Leather

Leather is an important element to many Frost River packs and bags.  Nearly all of our designs depend on leather at some point in construction.  Leather backstraps are strong, leather handles are substantial and feel great, leather flapstraps keep everything together. Corners and bottoms that are reinforced with leather add durability and class.   We get Read More

Flight Bags Medium vs. CarryOn

We occasionally get calls to the Frost River shop asking about the difference between the Medium and CarryOn size of luggage especially the Flight Bags. Over the whole luggage line there is not that much difference between the two sizes but it really is close between the Flight Bags. We compared the two in a video Read More

Shoulder Strap Upgrades

The shoulder straps we build for our “Reliable Softgoods” are some of the best in the world. The premium bridle leather on our canoe packs is combined with the dense foam padding and faced with buckskin, they are distinctive, durable, and comfortably functional.       The web used on all the shoulder straps for Read More

Wrought Iron Wares

We have some new items available in the Cabin Accessories department. Handcrafted hangers, a dinner bell, a fire tender, and a t.p. rack. All are made of iron– forged in a smithy by Paul Webster and his apprentice blacksmiths of the Green Fire Forge and Forging Community. We’ve been working with Paul for years, offering Read More

Leather Trimmed Wood Signs

Ever thought of decorating with Frost River? We just finished building a new batch of Leather Trimmed Wood Signs and they are looking for a good home… or cabin… or shop… (man cave?).  The signs turned out great; made heavy with leather wrapped around the perimeter and secured with brass rivets. The high quality decal Read More

Sustainability – Gooseberry Tote

The Gooseberry Tote works as a remarkable grocery bag. Tough and durable waxed canvas won’t rip open like paper bags, you won’t have boxes and cartons punching through the side like when using plastic bags, and a Gooseberry is reusable! Plus this big voluminous tote will help haul a whole load of groceries in one Read More

Sustainability – Growler Pack

Take a break from recycling all those bottles and cans this Earth Day.  Inject a little reusability in your next beer run by getting refilled. Visit a local brewery and (if legal in your area) get a growler to go. It won’t take many beer runs for you to begin coming out ahead. It also won’t Read More

Sustainability – Lunch Bags

Frost River’s Waxed Canvas Lunchbag— This thing nearly has sustainability written all over it. Use it for lunch and so much more. It keeps right on working and can even help you out of a messy situation. If your lunch suffers some sort of blowout, the waxed canvas will slow that spill down and help Read More

Frost River Sustainability – Canvas

Canvas — It’s cotton. Our canvas is way more sustainable than anything made of nylon. The waxed canvas we get from Fairfield Textiles in New Jersey is some of the best stuff in the world. Between using that great canvas and quality of construction, we can keep your bag in service for years. Other than Read More