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Side by Side Bottle Tote

New! Carry a pair of wine bottles with ease (and look good while you’re at it) Introducing our Side by Side Bottle Tote Our wine totes are distinctive and classy, and now they come in a Side by Side.  A Double Wine Tote will carry two bottles of bubbly to a dinner party while wearing Read More

One of those days

Winter in Minnesota is ….. cool.  We know its coming, the deep freeze, but when it arrives it is still a shock.  Wake up in the morning, look outside and you can just tell its cold.  The frost between the storm windows is up higher than usual.  As the sun rises the light has a Read More

Frost River Chaps

Our waxed canvas Hunting Chaps are tough.  They are built right to keep legs and pants protected.  They shield from rain and snow, brush and briars.  Chaps protect pants, they save wear and tear on workpants as well as fieldpants.  The wide leg openings have snap closures, the slits come up far enough to take Read More

Insulator… To America!

Raise an insulated can in celebration of innovation.  For the 12th (dozenth) design of 2013 we built an Insulator.  We took some of our waxed canvas, sandwiched a layer of foam inside, added a little binding, sewed a logo on it, and attached an unspoken, and hopefully understood invitation.  We invite you to add a can of Read More

Growler Pack

The craft brewery trade is maturing in our part of the country.  There is even one, Bent Paddle Brewing, opening across the street from our shop.  Many of these micro breweries offer their beer for sale in half gallon containers called growlers.  In order to help beer fans transport what they like and crafters distribute Read More

Vintage Messenger Bag

Our tenth new design for 2013 is a shoulder bag that seems like a totally custom bag but is now a regular Frost River item.  The full size Vintage Messenger Bag embodies several design features commonly asked for by customers.  It is similar in size to a Big Manitou but has a closure to keep Read More


Our ninth new item of 2013 works to keep your keys together with Frost River reliability.  We use some of our great leather and match it with some of our solid brass.  The materials combine to make key accessories that are of premium quality, just like our packs and bags.  

Protege for iPad Mini

Tablet computers get smaller, our Protege for iPad gets smaller.  The eighth new design for 2013 brings a popular case to smaller dimensions.  The Protege for iPad Mini is our smallest Protege case yet.  It works for the reduced sized Apple screen, it can also work for other mini tablets.  Built from waxed canvas and Read More

Heritage iPad

We have dressed up our iPad case for the seventh new design of 2013.  iPads are popular, our cases work to make carrying them around safer and easier.  Why not dress them up a little with some extra leather?  The leather we use on the Heritage iPad Case and all our briefcases is really great Read More

Congdon Park Daypack

Our sixth new design of 2013 is a square, zip top daypack.  An internal hanging pocket and an external zip pocket offer space inside the Congdon Park Daypack to organize.  Cotton, double layer web backstraps, are comfortable and substantial.  Twin zipper slides makes getting into and the pack quick and easy.  It is built to Read More