Find your calling of crafting and working with Frost River’s reliable softgoods in our fair city of Duluth, MN. Frost River is growing and we need more talented folks to help us out! Take a look at our available positions below.

To apply for an available position: come to our store at 1910 W Superior St. to pick up an application. We look forward to meeting you, Cheers!



Customer Service Representative

Frost River Trading Co. is looking for a motivated, quality and customer-service-oriented individual to fulfill the role of Customer Service Representative at their 1910 W Superior St. location. The ideal candidate will be reliable, responsible, detail-oriented, confident, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and hard-working.

Duties of the Customer Service Representative will be as follows:

Customer Service Representative Job Summary

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is responsible for providing effective customer service for all customers by using knowledge of company products and services. CRS’s interact with customers to provide information in response to questions, concerns and complaints by phone and Internet.

Expert communication and listening skills are a must for this challenging and rewarding position which is often the “face” of the company to the customers. By listening effectively to find the root cause of issues, and communicating in a clear and friendly way, the Customer Service Representative is able to solve the issue and provide a positive customer experience.

Customer Service Representatives know how to diffuse a tense situation and do everything within reason to quickly and effectively resolve the issue.

Customer Service Representative Duties and Responsibilities

* Manage and prioritize multiple concerns simultaneously.

* Provide appropriate and correct information to incoming customer order status and product knowledge requests.

* A positive attitude, even when faced with misplaced criticism or frustration.

* The ability to learn quickly and move on from both success and failure.

* Provide timely feedback to company management regarding challenges or customer concerns.

* Partnership with the sales team to meet and exceed customer’s service expectations.

* Listen, document, and help resolve conflicts with customers.

Customer Service Representative Requirements and Qualifications

* High School diploma.

* Previous customer service experience.

* Computer experience and aptitude.

* Patience in dealing with confused or irate customers.

* Problem-solving skills, and the ability to think under pressure.

* Commitment to continual education about the company, products and services.

Wage commensurate with experience and abilities.

Job Type: Full-time

Full-time Employees are eligible to receive PTO, Health/Dental Insurance, 401k, Health Savings Accounts.

Send Resume and Cover Letter to or visit Frost River at 1910 W. Superior St, Duluth, MN for an application.


Full Time Industrial Sewer

Industrial sewers are responsible for the assembly of all goods produced by Frost River and additional items as brought in as a contract sewing opportunity. Industrial Sewers are assigned their own work-station which will allow them the opportunity to accomplish the following:

Work in a team environment to produce top quality goods in a timely manner

Develop necessary skills to work independently on finalizing production of goods

Strive to improve our production processes through communication and collaboration

Ability to sew a product all the way through the production process

At Frost River our Industrial Sewing Machine operators are given large, well-lit work stations, and a clean working environment. Our sewing team has a large support staff, and is provided with the latest available equipment.

We are currently seeking an experienced sewing machine operator to join our Sewing Team. Experience working with heavier materials, such as canvas and leather is preferred. Hours of Production are 7:00am -3:30pm M-F. Full Time employees are eligible for PTO, Health Savings Account, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and 401k.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Duluth, MN 55806

Position Inquiries: Call 1-800-FROST-84 ask for Scott or email him directly.


Production Coordinator

Do you want to be a part of making goods in the U.S. as part of a family owned manufacturing business with a growing brand? Do you love seeing raw materials turn into a high quality and beautiful product that consumers LOVE? 

Superior TECH/Frost River is located in downtown Duluth, Minnesota near the head of Lake Superior.  Our primary brand to market currently is Frost River.  Our production operation is embedded in 100 year old building complex that is continually being enhanced with modern manufacturing elements and shares common space with a consumer oriented retail store Frost River Trading Co. which welcome thousands of visitors per year into the store to “see where the product is made.” 

Frost River is hiring a Full-time Production Coordinator. This position requires a strong attention to detail and exceptional communication with departments. Ability to stand for long periods of time, walk up and down stairs repeatedly throughout the normal workday, and ability to lift 50lbs required. The select candidate will work to cut raw materials and build kits for the sewing and riveting team in a timely and accurate manner. Will work closely with the Production/Design Development & Support Specialist and Production Manager to ensure quality throughout production. The production coordinator will deliver completed sewing kits to the designated sewer, based on the sewing schedule. The preferred candidate will have the ability to ensure the highest quality product is delivered in the correct quantities and time frame for our customers. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary to maintain a professional working environment. Intrinsic motivation and ability to work alone is necessary. Ability to use a computer required including spreadsheets and Gerber CNC Cutting Machine. Previous experience and knowledge of sewing manufacturing preferred, but not required.

Full-time Employees are eligible to receive PTO, Health/Dental Insurance, 401k, Health Savings Accounts. Applications available at Frost River Trading Co. 1910 W Superior St. Duluth, MN 55806 or Resume and Cover letter can be sent to . Wage commensurate with experience and abilities.

Job Type: Full-time