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Plano Boxes

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0.15 LBS
Plano Boxes

Plano® Boxes work great for fishing tackle or general organization in a Frost River Bag. We carry two sizes, both have included fixed dividers along the length and removable/adjustable dividers along the width. We offer them because they work, are sized right for our bags, and are manufactured by fellow Americans. The Plano 500 works in: Most any pack or bag 9" wide. It can be a handy organizational tool to keep small stuff separated. The Plano 800 works in: River Bank Tackle Box x5, Creek Bank Tackle Box x5, Canoe Thwart Bag x3, Canoe Seat Pad and Bag x2, Grand Marais Mail Bag x3, Large Shell Bag x2, XL Shell Bag x3, Large Field Satchel x2, Small Field Satchel x1, Gladstone Tool Bag x3, Gunflint Trail Seat Bag x3, HWY 1 Panniers x4 per side. The Plano 1000 works in: River Bank Tackle Box x4 (plus 1 Plano 800), Creek Bank Tackle Box x3 (plus 1 Plano 800), Canoe Thwart Bag x1, Canoe Seat Pad and Bag x1, Highway 1 Panniers x4 per side, Gladstone Tool Bag x3.


800 – Plano Box, 1000 – Plano Box, 500 – Plano Box


Plano 500: 8.25″l x 4.25″w x 1.38″d, Plano 800: 11″l x 7.25″w x 1.75″d, Plano 1000: 14″l x 9.25″w x 2″d.


Plastic with included dividers, Frost River heavy duty oval sticker.